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If you use multiple browsers, and use them to download stuff often, then you’d agree that you could be better off using a centralized download manager that, while accelerating your downloads, would also help you organize the downloaded files more efficiently. The tool we’re going to talk about today is called


and it can actually help you grab files off the internet up to 6 times quicker.

Although Firefox and Chrome have their very own download managers available for grabs, EagleGet has add-ons for both these browsers as well as Opera and Internet Explorer. In addition to increasing speed across all these browsers, the ability to automatically grab download links is a must-have.

Organization is also a must-have when downloading many media files. Instead of having to move downloaded files from your Desktop to the Pictures/Video folder, you could keep them all neatly filed in the EagleGet program itself.

Let’s take a look at how this is accomplished.

How to Get the Most Out of EagleGet

Although functionality is fine out of the box, a few tweaks to the settings in EagleGet can ensure we get the most out of its download capabilities.

1. Adjust the Connection Settings

After downloading and installing EagleGet, open the Configurationsetting and select the Connection sidebar menu item.

From here, ensure the Number of retries is set to a reasonable number. I found the default to be a bit low because oftentimes running simultaneous downloads will cause some of mine to stop progressing, resulting in a retry. Increase this number to ensure it’s at a level that won’t completely end the download simply because it retried too many times.

Change the Max number of threads to a higher number, like 20, to be positive more access points are created for the download.

Increase the Max simultaneous downloadsto a desired number that reflects your network speed. If your speed is very low, increasing this number may very well make it even slower. Take caution here that the download number isn’t too high.


2. Automatically Run Virus Scans

The option to run virus scans on download completion is a great feature to get you started on the right track for a malware-free computer. After all, every virus must first come from a download of some sort.

Begin by going back to the Configurationsettings window and choosing the Automationsidebar menu item. From here, check the box next to Check for virus after download is complete and then browse for a program that should run. We’re using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware for this example to help protect from all sorts of malware, viruses, and the like.

Keep the bottommost extensions in the File Types to Scan section to its default state to ensure executable and zip files are rightly scanned.


3. Download Files from Any Browser

EagleGet includes an in-app extension for all the major internet browsers.

In Configuration > Monitoring, ensure the desired browsers are selected and the file types are included in the text area, as such:


Now you can grab files from all these browsers and increase download speeds for all of them.

As you can see, the downloading is easy and universal with all the major browsers. Use EagleGet to increase download speeds and manage multiple downloads. So, what are you waiting for?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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