2 Foolproof Ways to Back Up Data from Digital PS Vita Games

Backup Ps Vita Saves

Perhaps one of the most confusing

aspects of the PS Vita

for new owners that own several games digitally is that when they delete those digital copies of their games, they can also lose all their progress if they are not careful.

Thankfully, there are a couple ways to back up your save game data and prevent this from happening. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Saving Your PS Vita Game and Game Data to Your Mac, PC or PS3

This method applies if you don’t have a PS Plus subscription. To start, on your computer open the Content Manager Assistant app. Then, on your PS Vita open the Content Manager app.

Cma Mac
Content Manager 1
Content Manager 2

There, select either your PS3 or your Computer and whether you will perform the backup via Wi-Fi or USB.

Content Manager Pc
Content Manager Wi Fi

On the next screen, under Copy Content select the PS Vita System to PC option and then, under Applications, choose Ps Vita, which is where your digital Vita games are stored.

Content Manager Choose Transfer
Content Manager Applications
Content Manager Apps Ps Vita

On the next screen you will see all your digital games as well as their size (including its save files). Select the one that you want to backup and choose Copy.

Content Manager Copying 1
Content Manager Copying 2

The game and all its data will then be transferred to either your PS3 or computer. On Macs, you can usually find it (unless you set it up otherwise) on Documents > PS Vita > APP

Saved Game 1
Saved Game 2
Saved Game 3

Saving Your PS Vita Game Data to Sony’s Online Storage

If you happen to have PS Plus (a paid subscription for PlayStation users that gives PS3 and PS Vita owners several free games per year as well as other perks), then you will be happy to know that this popular service includes a neat feature: The ability to backup (both manually and automatically) all your game save files to Sony’s Online Storage.

That means that if you have PS Plus, then you won’t have to backup your entire digital game, but only its save files, which is much more convenient.

To back up you save data manually before deleting your game: On your PS Vita head to the Content Manager app and this time select Online Storage.

Content Manager Online Storage

Then, under Copy Saved Data select the PS Vita System to Online Storage option.

Content Manager Online Storage 2

You will then see all the games that have saved data and their size. Select the ones you want to back up and choose Copy.

Online Storage Choose Games
Online Storage Copy Games

Cool Tip: To back up your game save files automatically, select the “i” icon beside each game and mark the checkbox beside Upload Automatically. You will then see a green arrow next to the game that indicates the feature is enabled.

Upload Automatically Select
Upload Automatically Enabled

And if you want to restore your saved data, just repeat the process above after downloading your game, but choose the Online Storage to PS Vita System option instead. Then restart your game and your progress will be intact.

Restore Ps Vita Data

There you go. Now you can delete all those Vita games taking up precious space on your memory card without worrying about losing hours of progress.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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