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If you have ever done more than just a bit of writing in front of your computer, then you know how valuable it can be to use the best writing tools. However, oftentimes these tools can be either hard to find or too expensive, which is why we are here today with a pretty interesting mix of four online tools for writers that are of top quality and that are sure to help you improve your

writing experience

at no cost.

Cliché Finder

When writing for an audience, few things can be as discouraging as seeing your most cherished words being frowned upon by your readers for being considered too “cliché”, which in turn forces you to go back to drawing board and in some cases to completely rewrite your ideas.

Cliché Finder 1

With Cliché Finder, you can scan your text to find any hidden clichés that might plague it. Just paste your text on this online tool, click Find Cliches and it will highlight any phrases that are used way too frequently across the web.

Cliché Finder Results

Of course, as you see in the above example, it does seem to go overboard in finding them. Still, not a bad way to refine your writing.


If you have ever dedicated more than a few hours to write on your computer, then you know how important it can be to keep track of any thoughts and ideas that might come up while you write. Not only that, but since you are already in front of your computer writing your next masterpiece, then what better way than to use it also to keep a journal. An online journal in this case.

Penzu Main

Considering this, Penzu provides a secure online journal that not only can be accessed from anywhere where there is an internet connection, but that is also simple and easy to manage. The online journal also provides other features, like being able to insert photos on it, print it, share it, secure it and more.

Penzu Tools
Penzu Journal

Additionally, Penzu journals can be password-protected and even encrypted and accessed via mobile apps if you opt for the Pro plan ($19/year).


If all you want is to just sit down and write without worrying about anything else, then FocusWriter is the free application you are looking for. This app is compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux, and provides a distraction-free writing environment.

Focus Writer Full

It also comes with some basic features that most text editors sport, but what makes it great is definitely its great design and that it is free (although donations are accepted).

Focus Writer Window


In a past entry, we showed you a pretty useful app for Mac users to improve their typing skills. However, what if you are not on a Mac or just want something that can improve your typing with the minimum investment of time on your part? Well, this is exactly what Keybr is for.


This online utility tracks your typing and provides you with feedback on the improvement of your typing speed and on the amount of errors you make. It also gives several tips on how to type faster and even shows you how you rank when compared to other users of the service.

There you go. If you are looking for great online writing tools, any of these will definitely improve your writing in a short while and, best of all, at no cost whatsoever. Enjoy!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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