VLC For iOS Review: A Great Free Video Player for iPhone and iPad

VLC for iOSMore than two years ago, the extremely popular VLC video player outed a native application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, due to some odd licensing issues, the app was removed by its creators and never saw the light of day again, until recently. Thankfully, this new version of VLC for iOS devices is built from the ground up and won’t be removed from the App Store like its predecessor.

Even better, the app is completely free as its desktop counterpart and sports quite a few nice features that already make it a great video player for any iOS device owner even if it is just its first version.

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Let’s take a closer look at the app and at all these new features that it has to offer.

As with many other video apps, VLC for iOS offers a simple interface where all your videos are displayed in a row listing their titles, duration and their screen resolution. Video playback was absolutely smooth with any of the video formats I tried, as well as with any video that required subtitles (VLC for iOS supports a variety of formats, including MKV and other popular ones as well as videos with external subtitles).

VLC Video List

VLC Video 1

A very convenient option that I found on VLC for iOS that isn’t widely present on other iOS video players is the ability to change the aspect ratio of your videos during playback. Most videos already come in the right aspect ratio, but for those times in which they don’t, this option is like a godsend and can improve your video-watching experience substantially.

VLC aspect ratio 1

VLC aspect ratio 2

VLC aspect ratio 3

Besides this playback option, VLC for iOS also comes packed with some neat features, especially for an app that is free. These features are located in the app’s settings, and include integration with Dropbox, video upload via Wi-Fi, playback of streaming videos and more.

VLC Settings 1

Integration with Dropbox is one of the most convenient of these features. With it, you can link the app to your Dropbox account to explore it and download any videos from it right into the VLC application.

VLC Dropbox 1  VLC Dropbox 2

VLC Dropbox 3

Wi-Fi video upload is even better. With this feature you are able to upload videos to the VLC for iOS app from any browser. This way it not only gets rid of having to sync with iTunes, but you don’t have to even use the same computer to get videos into the app.


VLC Video Upload Browser 1

VLC Video Upload Browser 2

VLC Video Upload Browser 3

Additionally, the app supports Passcode Lock, different text encodings for subtitles and more.

Setting 2  Subtitle Encodings

So, as you can see, VLC for iOS is definitely a great video app for any iOS device owner to consider. It brings a set of very welcome features and, even though it is just on its first iteration, it already delivers quite a lot, especially when you consider it is (and will remain) free of charge.

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