Fold and Sugar Rush: 2 New Ways to Solve Puzzles on iPhone

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In past entries we have already listed some of the best puzzle games

for many platforms


including the iPhone

. However, new games always show up and some of them are so good and enjoyable that they deserve to be mentioned.

This time, we will take a closer look at a couple of iPhone puzzles that bring a new approach to well-known mechanics.


For those who like iPhone puzzle games, Fold will prove to be one of the most challenging and innovative entries in the genre to come to the iPhone in quite some time.

At its core, as its name implies, Fold is a game that has you tapping small, square tiles in the right place to cause them to fold into each other until the minimum amount of them are left.

This is the just basic premise though, and the game boasts several variants and adds different mechanics to make things far more challenging (and fun) very fast. These come in the form of three main game modes: Fold, Peer Pressure and Forbidden Colors.

Fold Mode1
Pp Mode
Fc Mode

The Fold mode is the most basic one. In it you are presented with groups of blocks (each group of different color) that you have to fold by tapping on the edges of each group until you are left with just one block of each color.

Fold 1

Sometimes, blocks can be linked by “hooks”, which will pull all attached blocks in one or another direction depending where you tap them.

Hook 1
Hook 2

The second mode, Peer Pressure adds blocks that can change their color depending on which blocks surround them and also adds “expansion” blocks that add blocks of the same color to a group until they collide with another block. Send them to collide with a block of another color and a “hook” will appear to link them.

Pp 1
Pp 2

The third mode, Forbidden Colors adds another layer of complexity to the already challenging puzzles by introducing a new black block that turns all other blocks into black ones if they are located within a set area. The main goal in this mode is to turn all blocks to black and to leave only one block remaining.

Forbidden Colors


The game offers 10 levels within each mode for free, which is plenty of fun before you consider buying the rest.

Sugar Rush

Of the two games in this entry, Sugar Rush will definitely resonate the most with iPhone puzzle lovers. The game strongly resembles the likes of Candy Crush and Bejeweled, but comes with a few simple changes in gameplay that help it stand on its own.

Sugar Rush

The basic premise of Sugar Rush is (as in other related games) to tap three or more “candies” to make them disappear and earn points. This is where similarities stop though, as the game introduces new gameplay mechanics. To start, in Sugar Rush you have to deal with both the top and the bottom of the screen, since both sides will increase the number of candies constantly.

Sugar Rush 1

Additionally, if you find a group of candies at the top of the screen, not only can you tap on them, but you can also flick them down to join the ones at the bottom to form even larger groups.

Sugar Rush 2

The game starts simple enough, but slowly it adds different elements like boosts and special kinds of candies that make it even more challenging and addictive.

Boosts 1
Boosts 2

And there you go. Feel free to try both of these, since they don’t cost a dime. Although, if you prefer something more challenging, then Fold will definitely suit you better. Happy gaming!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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