Online Document Collaboration In Real-Time

If you work in a team, then editing the same documents and sending them through emails back and forth involves hassle and it’s a time consuming process too. is a nice tool that facilitates online document collaboration among a group of users.

It is a real time collaborative text editor in which more than one person (on different computers) can edit a text document in real-time and changes appear instantly on the document for all the connected users.

To use this service, signup and send an invitation to your friend by typing his email address and assigning a username. Your friend will receive a Notapipe URL, username and password. He can login to this service

using those login credentials.


Using this tool is dead simple.  Click on the document button at the top right, give the document a name and start typing text. If you want to edit a document saved on your computer, then you can do this easily by clicking on the edit icon. You can select the file from your computer and click import button to import the file in the current text editor.

Note: This tool is available in three versions Free(2 users per document), Basic 9.90$/month (6 users per document) and Premium19.90$/month (9 users per document).


  • A web app for online document collaboration.
  • Changes appear instantly for all the connected users.
  • Supports .js, .html, .css, .pl, .py, .svq formats.
  • Chat with other connected users in real-time.
  • Simple interface, easy to use.
  • Premium version offers SSL security.
  • Automatic syntax highlighting for xml, css, and javascript files
    Check out for online text editing and document collaboration.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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