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Online Tools For Parents

For most couples, parenting can be one of the most joyful times of their lives. However, this unique experience doesn’t come without its very own, unique challenges that parents are sometimes not ready for. Because of this, here we have gathered a list with some of the best, and most importantly free, online resources for new parents.

The resources include tools to monitor kids’ nutrition, parenting forums and even a website dedicated to parents raising twins.

Here they are.

1. Nourish Interactive

Easily one of the most useful (and free) online resources for parents, Nourish Interactive provides them with a series of small, but extremely convenient online tools to help them assess their children’s nutrition. The website is composed of several sections that address this topic that every parent should explore. However, the stars of the website are its nutrition tools. These include:

Food Label Reader Tool

This flash-based tool uses different food labels to teach you little by little how to read them and thus, how to evaluate properly the amount of nutrients your children take with each meal.

Food Label

Kids BMI Calculator

This simple calculator allows you to measure your child’s BMI (Body Mass Index, a measure of weight relative to height) and also tells you if it is within the right range or not.


Additionally, kids can access a “BMI game”, where they can learn by themselves what BMI is and how to measure and keep it under control.

Bmi Game

Interactive Meal Planner

This interactive tool uses the USDA Food Guidelines and to help parents find out their children’s nutritional needs and then helps them create meals that are balanced and that take into consideration all of the most important food groups.

Meal Planner

2. Parents Canada

From a baby name finder to a growth calculator, Parents Canada offers parents a series of tools to make their jobs easier.

Parents Canada

The website not only boasts the online tools mentioned before, but also has an extensive selection of in-depth articles that explore different aspects of parenthood, as well as providing advice on several topics.

Parents Canada Tools

Another great positive of Parents Canada is its ParenTalk forums, where parents can interact with the community and solve different doubts they might have.

Parents Canada Forums

3. Aha! Parenting

Book recommendations, a parenting product catalog, a dedicated blog and even the option to book a personal consultation with the site’s Dr., Aha! Parenting is definitely one of the richest resources for parents looking for advice and tips on how to raise their children.

Aha Parenting

The website carries individual sections dedicated each to the age of a child’s life and the stage of their growth, making it really easy to navigate and use. Radio shows and videos of Dr. Laura Markham (the website’s owner) are also available for any visitor.

Aha Parenting Article

Notable Mention: The Twin Coach

As you might have guessed from its name, The Twin Coach is a parenting website specialized in raising twins and all the different aspects that it involves. Parents will be able to find great articles, resources, book recommendations and more in this website, all of them targeted at the specific problems that raising twins involve.

The Twin Coach

And there you go. Parenting will never be easy, but with these online resources, things definitely won’t be as complicated as they were before.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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