Top 3 Zip File Management Apps for iPhone

Alvaro Bernedo

File Compression AppsWith the iPhone being the most portable computer some of us carry, it has become a convenient device to carry our most important files and documents too. Now, thanks to a series of third-party apps, it is also a great tool to view and store those files.

That’s why in this entry, we will take a look at our top three picks for file compression and management apps for the iPhone, all of which are available for free on the App Store.

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With thousands of five-star ratings on the App Store, it is impossible to write about any kind of file compression/management app for iPhone without mentioning iZip. This free file management app is by far the most favored by users and one of the most versatile on this list.

IZip Main

The app manages most compressed file formats, allowing you to organize them in separate folders. With it, you can also import different kinds of files from other apps and use it to arrange them, compress them and share them in different ways.

IZip Local Files  IZip Mail

IZip managing Filess  IZip Zip

A nice feature of iZip is the ability to pull songs from iTunes on your iPhone and compress them, which you can also do with photos from your Camera Roll. Additionally, you can preview some types of files within the app without needing you to open another application.

IZip Music Library  IZip Songs Selected


With less time on the App Store when compared to the other apps on this list, UnArchiver offers a series of compelling features for anyone looking for a free file compression/management app for iPhone. To start, the app lets you import files to it from a variety of sources, including Dropbox, Mail and even from links to files in Safari.

UnArchiver Main  UnArchiver File Options

Once imported, files can be arranged in folders or compressed. When zipping files, you are also able to assign them a password for further security, which is definitely a welcome feature.

UnArchiver Folders

UnArchiver Zip  UnArchiver Zip Password

Additionally, files can be copied or moved from one location to another within the app and can also be shared via Mail.

UnArchiver Move Files  UnArchiver Share via Mail

ZipApp Free – The Unarchiver

Last on our list, ZipApp Free is another free file compression/management app for iPhone that offers a more streamlined interface that makes it quite convenient for arranging and compressing all kinds of files from you iPhone. As with other app, ZipApp Free sorts files either in folders or on their own and allows you to preview some of them.

ZipApp Free main  ZipApp Free Preview

Files can be imported from Mail and other applications and can be compressed and moved around freely the app.

ZipApp Free Open from mail  ZipApp Free Open in

One of the most interesting features of ZipApp Free, though, is the ability to connect via Wi-Fi to a web address and manage your documents via a web interface, which allows you to share your documents with just about anyone with a web browser and internet access.

ZipApp Free Browser

And there you have them. Managing Zip, Rar and other file compression files on your iPhone now is not only limited to creation and reading. With any of these free apps you can also share and organize your most important files (compressed or not) and have them centralized in one app.

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