Top 3 Cleaner Apps For Android Phones and Tablets

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Our computers and smartphones are nothing but machines at the end of the day. And a machine needs to be maintained properly if you intend to get the most out of it and prolong its life. That involves caring for and protecting the hardware, and cleaning up the operating system from time to time to enhance its performance.

If your Android has slowed down and seems to take considerably more time for performing the same tasks, then it’s time to clean it up and get rid of the cache and junk files. Thankfully, there are apps that can help you do this easily and you don’t have to manually remove the cache of each app through settings. But there are a host of apps that claim to be good at this. So we decided to do some digging and pick the ones that are worth their salt.

Here are the top 3 Android cleaner apps according to us (all being free):

1. Clean Master

Clean Master is a feature-rich Android cleaner app that includes almost every Android cleaning task under the sun, and then some more. It has a neatly designed interface that does not look cluttered in spite of it packing a whole lot of functions into it.


As you see in the image above, on its homescreen it shows the available and used space, and has four main sections: Junk Files, Privacy, Tasks and App Manager.

Except for the Tasks module, which is basically a task killer, I’d suggest you to make use of all the other 3 modules.

Why not a task killer? Well, Android is quite self-sufficient in managing running processes and doesn’t need a third-party task killer. Also, such task killers are known to cause all kinds of problems thereby reducing the performance of the device over the long term. So, you’ll be better off not killing tasks using a third-party task killer on Android.

The Junk Files module can help you rid of Cache and Residual Files that are not needed.


The Privacy screen can remove traces of your activity from all the apps.  The best thing about this feature is that it clearly mentions what exactly it’ll get rid of below each option. Depending on that you may decide if you want to include an app in the cleaning process. For instance, I wouldn’t want it to clear my call logs and messages. So I’d uncheck them before proceeding.


The App Manager includes an Uninstaller as well as a way to backup the apk files to the device’s SD card.


The Settings screen can be accessed from a menu at the top right of the app’s homescreen.


You may set a reminder (the default is 3 days) for clearing the cache in the settings.


The app also comes with a quick clean widget that displays the used and free memory, and offers a one-tap cleanup method when you don’t have the time to go through the options.


Overall, Clean Master has pretty much everything you need for your Android cleaning needs. However, if your requirements are more specific and Clean Master’s features/options overwhelm you, then consider choosing one of the two we are going to discuss next.

2. History Eraser

History Eraser is a more specific cleaner tool, as its name suggests. It can help you remove your ‘history’ on the device, and that includes the apps cache.

Cleanerapps Historyeraser1

Contrary to Clean Master, History Eraser has fewer features and a simpler interface, and comes in both free and pro versions. We’ve taken up History Eraser in detail previously, so you may click on the link to discover more about the app.

3. App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner’s interface is strikingly similar to History Eraser and that shouldn’t surprise anyone because it comes from the same developers who created the latter app.

The idea behind App Cache Cleaner must have been to further tone down History Eraser’s features and make an app that does one thing, and one thing well – cleaning the cache. It’s interface has a searchable list of apps and it clearly displays the cache size of each.

App Cache Cleaner11

A useful feature of this app is the ability to sort the apps by the size of their caches or by their names in both ascending and descending order.

App Cache Cleaner21

The Settings screen has auto check as well as settings for the ‘one tap clear’ widget like what Clean Master provides.

App Cache Cleaner31

So that was about the best apps to clean up your Android and make it faster.

The first app – Clean Master – is like an all-in-one tool that can do many things well and also has the potential to overwhelm users who are just looking to clear the cache. The other two apps have a specific set of features. All of them are free though, so no harm in trying and then choosing.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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