How to Clear/Delete all Events from Google Calendar

Himanshu Yadav

If your Google Calendar is full of events, looks cluttered and you want to clean all of them then you could do that easily. It’s not that obvious though and that’s why we are writing about it.

Here are the step by step instructions to delete all events from your calendar and start from scratch.

1.Sign in to Google Calendar.

2. Click on “Settings” link on the top right.

google calendar delete events

3. Click on “Calendars” tab.

google calendar settings

4. Under “Calendar” tab you will find “Delete” link on the extreme right of your calendar name. Click on it.

delete calendar

5. A small delete window will pop up asking you to confirm the deletion of all events from your primary calendar. Click on the “Delete” button.

delete google calendar events

That’s it. All the events created by you earlier will be deleted. When you return to Google Calendar, you will find it clear. Now you can create new events and share them.

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