Top 3 Free Online Piano Lessons for Beginners

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There is no denying that piano is one of the most beautiful instruments to play when done right. However, in the past it was extremely expensive to learn how to play it due to both the cost of buying a piano and the fact that a private piano teacher didn’t come cheap.

Nowadays though, with the different kinds of electronic pianos or similar alternatives, getting one is far less costly. Likewise, with widespread internet access, learning just about any subject from anywhere in the world has become relatively easy. And piano is no exception.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the most interesting, original and effective websites where beginners can start learning how to play the piano.

Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids

Have you ever heard the phrase “Too good to be true”? Well, in the case of Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids, their offer really is too good, and yet it is true.

Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids Main

This website offers several piano lessons in video form, completely free of charge. The lessons are easy to follow and very demonstrative. Also, since all lessons are archived, you can browse through them to choose the one you feel more comfortable with to move at your own pace in case you already know the basics.

Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids Lesson
Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids Lessons

In case you are wondering, Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids gets its money from referral sales and from selling printed versions of its lessons, which it claims are not mandatory but that complement the online ones.

Zebra Keys

Out of the three websites to learn piano featured here, Zebra Keys is easily the most fun and entertaining one, making it ideal for those who, like me, learn more visually than in any other way.

Zebra Keys Main

The website offers more than 50 free piano lessons, all using flash animations that allow users to actually see and hear how each lesson is played.

Zebra Keys Keyboard

A neat touch that I really liked is that every main lesson has a flash piano keyboard that is actually mapped to your actual keyboard, so you get to experience what playing a real piano feels like even if you don’t have one to start with.

Zebra Keys Flash Piano

Plern Piano

While the two piano learning websites mentioned above will have you covered for all your piano learning needs, Plern Piano is a complete toolset to help users not just learn piano via a set group of lessons, but actually encouraging users to learn with their own collaborations. For example, if you happen to have a music sheet that you can’t read, you can input the notes on the website’s virtual score and it will show you which piano keys you need to press to play the piece, even highlighting them at the right moment.

Plern Piano Main

Likewise, you can also upload MIDI files of your own that Plern Piano will then turn into sheet music that you will be able to read and even edit.

Plern Piano Upload

Additionally, you can compose your own music and even share it via email or making it public for everyone to enjoy. Plern Piano is completely free, although you are encouraged to donate $10 to have access to every song available on the website.

There you have them. Three completely different websites to learn piano for beginners, each with their own approach and offering their own unique set of tools. And since all of them are free, just browse each to find the one that suits your learning style the best. Happy piano learning!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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