How to Set and Manage Reminders on Evernote Notes

Evernote RemindersEvernote does not need any introduction, does it? Most of you are probably using it already to organize your notes. The flexibility with which it allows you to clip notes, sync and share them is incomparable. While the notes help you stay up to date with the tasks in hand, Evernote didn’t have one important feature that prompted people to use a to-do list/task manager alongside it. That may not be the case anymore as Evernote now has reminders, yes the ‘important’ feature for letting it work as a true to-do list too.

You can now attach reminders with your notes and never risk missing something. Let us explore it.

Note: The feature has been currently implemented for Mac, iOS and the web components. Evernote promises that it will soon be available for other platforms, like Windows and Android.

Notes and Reminders

We will take a detailed look at this feature in Evernote’s web interface to understand its new capabilities. If you own device apps, you should be explore them in a similar manner.

To begin adding a reminder you need a note in the first place. When you have selected the note you can activate it by tapping on the clock like icon on the top right of the interface. While you do that you will also be able to associate a date and time to the reminder.

Add Evernote Reminder

The real beauty lies in the way reminders are arranged. Each notebook has its own section of reminders as shown in the image below.

Edit Reminder

To check all reminders at a go, you may navigate to All Notes. Besides, you can rearrange and order the reminders easily through drag and drop.

When you have accomplished a task you can simply mark it complete by checking it off. At the same time clicking on the clock icon will allow you to edit the note reminder.

Reminder Options

App and email notifications are an added advantage. In the same context, when you add a reminder for the first time you will be asked if you wish to receive email notifications.

Activate Email Reminder

Reminder Settings

You can choose what reminders show up in the reminder section. Click on the settings icon and choose among the sorting, upcoming and completed flavors.

Reminder Settings

Another thing you need to take care of is the time zone you wish to be notified with. Navigate to Evernote settings and choose Reminders from the left pane. Then, select the desired time zone. Here, you can also activate/deactivate email notifications.

Reminder Notification Settings

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Reminders have definitely added more power to Evernote’s note taking abilities. It has seamlessly grown from just a note taking application to also serving as a to-do and reminder list. And, the reminders would sync across all your devices as the notes would do. Cool, huh?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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