2 Unique iPhone Apps to Have Fun With Photos

Unique Photo Apps

In the past, we have reviewed several photo apps for the iPhone that all share one thing in common: They offer a traditional approach to the way you experience your photos, be it editing them or shooting them. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but it is definitely refreshing when an app comes along that brings a unique approach to the way things are traditionally done.

This time, we’ll talk about not one, but two such apps, both of which provide refreshingly new experiences when it comes playing around and having fun with your photos.

Analog Camera

Developed by the same guys behind the great Clear app (check here for a great overview of the app), Analog Camera ($0.99) is both traditional and unique.

On one hand, the app allows you to take pictures with your iPhone’s camera just like any other similar app, but on the other, it works with a unique interface based on gestures that makes it truly original and just plain fun to use.

Analog 3

Taking a picture is a simple as tapping the Camera button. To use the focus and exposure features though, instead of searching for buttons, you can tap the screen with two fingers. If you would like to just use the Auto focus feature, then double-tapping the screen will do.

Analog 7
Analog 8

To access your Camera Roll, all you have to do is swipe the main screen down, and to alternate between the Camera Roll and your Photo Stream, you will have to swipe from one side to the other.

Analog 1
Analog 2

Once you take a picture or choose a photo to edit, you will be given the choice of nine different filters, which you can scroll through by tapping and holding on any of them. Once you are done, you will also be able to share your images through different services.

Analog 4
Analog 5
Analog 6


While not a camera app actually, Instapuzzle (free) for iPhone is one of the most original entertainment apps to come along. The reason for this praise is its unique use of Instagram, which Instapuzzle uses to pull photos from and turn them into quite challenging puzzles.

Instapuzzle 1

Once logged into your Instagram account (the app can be played without one, but you will need one to get all the features), Instapuzzle pulls pictures from it, divides them into 16 smaller squares and rearranges them, creating tile puzzles. Your goal in the app is to solve these puzzles as fast as possible and with the minimum amount of moves.

Instapuzzle 2

If at some point you feel stuck with a puzzle, you can use a few free hints, which let you see the original image for a few seconds. If you want more hints though, they are available as in-app purchases.

Instapuzzle 3
Instapuzzle 4
Instapuzzle 5
Instapuzzle 6

Other interesting options of the app include the ability to create puzzles using photos from your friends’ Instagram accounts, from tags and more.

And there you have them. Two very interesting apps that will have you interacting with your photos in unique ways. Be it an original photo app or a unique puzzle maker, you will have fun using any of them. Guaranteed.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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