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We have witnessed the gradual change from storing all things local to using backup devices in the form of pen drives and hard disks, and from there the shift to using online storage and syncing data with our devices. Definitely, online storage services have made it very easy for us to share things. They help us go beyond the email attachment sizes and also make our documents accessible anywhere.

Cool Tip: Yahoo has now collaborated with Dropbox and allows you to send email attachments via Dropbox over and above the said limit. Here’s how you may activate the facility.

Today we will talk about one more such service which is unique in its own way. Copy puts a lot of focus on group accounts thereby giving a platform to corporate environments, data management and user/group management. The services seem to be fairly priced when it comes to usage on a large scale.

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However, what’s exciting is the 15 GB storage space that comes free of cost with every registration. And, for the few initial days they would continue to run programs allowing you to earn more free space by referring friends and family to the service.

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Copy is available as an online application and desktop applications for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. So, apart from Windows Phone users, I guess everyone has got their piece to get started. Registering an account is simple and when you attempt to download the app it recognizes the underlying OS by itself.

The online application has been kept very clean and simple. It wouldn’t actually take you more than minutes to learn the details. By default it has two folders as shown in the image below.

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The former is the one that’s in sync with the devices you have connected Copy to. And, the latter shows contents that other people have shared with you. In a few steps you can move the shared contents to the Copy folder to sync with your devices.

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In a similar fashion you can choose which files and folders sync with what devices by managing the preferences on the respective local apps.

The installed app would create a Copy folder in the Users folder. However, you can explicitly move it to another folder via the app settings. Logging on to the application is a must for identifying the online repository to sync with.

Copy App Login

The crux of the service is that you can not only sync contents specific to your account and devices but also sync the same with the devices of others. Interesting, right?

Copy App Interface


Copy may look like just another cloud storage service. Indeed it is in many ways. But what impresses me is the 15 GB free storage, group management and sharing mechanism. The site also boasts of its security algorithm in place but I guess it would be way too early to comment on that.

In my opinion, you should register for the product right away and start earning more free space lest the scheme shuts down soon. If nothing else, you can at least get access to additional online space among others that you already have.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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