2 Great iOS Apps for Sending Beautiful Cards on Mother’s Day

Card Sending Apps

Mother’s day is on this Sunday, which means most of us will have to make some preparations to make sure she has the best day possible. Sometimes though, all it takes is a tiny little detail to light up her day.

So, if for some reason you are not able to make any preparations or just want to add that special something to the plans you already made, what about sending mom a nice Mother’s Day card. The great thing about this though, is that to do so all you’ll need to do is to lift your arm, turn on your iPhone and try any of the two great apps mentioned below.

Ready? Let’s get that Mother’s Day card done.

Apple’s Cards

Released by Apple some time ago, Cards for iPhone is an app designed to create, customize and send your own greeting cards for any occasion. In good Apple fashion, the app is as simple as any app of this kind can be. The first thing you see when you open it is all the available card templates as well as the different categories to filter them along the bottom of the screen.

Cards 1

Tapping on the Rose icon there will take you to all the Mother’s Day card templates, from which you can choose any of them.

Cards 2

One you do, you are presented with your card, which you can preview from the inside, outside, as well as its envelope. Tapping on any of the text fields allows you to create your own message, while tapping on any photo field lets you choose a picture from your camera roll to insert it in to the card, where you can adjust its position if you want.

Cards 3
Cards 4
Cards 6

Once you are done customizing your card, all left to do is enter your address and the recipient’s one on the envelope and then tapping the blue button. The cost for sending cards within the U.S. is of $2.99, while $4.99 allows you to send it to any other destination around the word.

Cards 5

I’ve tried this service personally, and the cards are of excellent quality, and for the price, it is quite convenient for sending overseas.

Cleverbug Cards

Compared to Apple’s Cards, Cleverbug Cards for iPhone has nothing to envy in the popularity front, with millions of cards sent already using the service according to the developer.

Both apps differ greatly from each other in two crucial aspects though:

The first is that Cleverbug relies heavily in its Facebook integration to work. Leveraging the power of the social network, Cleverbug helps you remember birthdays and even personalizes your cards using your Facebook friends’ profile photos. On the other hand though, this integration is mandatory, so you are basically forced to share your Facebook information with Cleverbug if you want to create and send cards with the app.

Cleverbug 1
Cleverbug 2

Thanks to this Facebook integration, customizing cards can be extremely easy, since the app will pull photos, addresses, names and other necessary information to do it. Of course, you can also choose to add of photo of your liking and edit the text of the card as well.

Cleverbug 3
Cleverbug 4

The second main difference of Cleverbug when compared to Apple’s Cards is that the app allows you to choose to send the cards you create either as eCards or physically. Printed cards cost $2.99 plus the cost of the stamp for shipping, so they can be a bit cheaper than Apple’s printed cards when sending to the rest of the globe. On top of that, the app gives you your first printed card for free, which is definitely a plus. And if you want to avoid paying altogether, the option to send your cards over the web via email or Facebook is a very convenient feature.

Cleverbug 6
Cleverbug 7

There you go. Two great alternatives with a variety of options to send a Mother’s Day card. Both are reasonably priced, easily customizable and can be sent right from your iPhone, so it’s up to you to choose which service you prefer.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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