Integrate Dropbox With Yahoo Mail to Send Large Attachments

Yahoo Dropbox

We have already seen how Google

integrated Google Drive with Gmail


Microsoft integrated SkyDrive with Outlook Mail

to help you send out attachments that have sizes beyond what email services can send by default (usually 25 MB). Yahoo Mail, though continues to be the biggest free email service, has always been somewhat of a laggard when it comes to introducing new technology. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case this time and it surprised everyone when it came out with Dropbox integration for email attachments.

Today we will learn how to activate this integration, send out Dropbox attachments and how to save incoming email attachments directly to Dropbox.

Cool Tip: There is a way to integrate SkyDrive with Gmail as well. If that interests you, check out the details in this article.

Getting Started

Scroll through your list of unread emails. There is a likelihood that you have received an email from Dropbox (if you are already registered with Dropbox you will definitely receive one) like the one shown below.

Dropbox Yahoo Mail

Simply click on the button reading Turn on Dropbox for Yahoo Mail from within the received email. Next thing Dropbox will do is take your permission to capture you name and email address.

Dropbox Yahoo Introduction

Giving that a go will either allow you to log in to your Dropbox account or make a fresh registration. Since, I am already registered, I signed in to my Dropbox account.

Agree Dropbox Terms E1368023679359

Then, you have a choice to permanently link your selected account with Dropbox. That prevents repeated logins whenever you try to access Dropbox via Yahoo Mail. So, it’s a good idea to Link account.

Link Yahoo Dropbox E1368023736786

Note: Other ways to activate the integration is to trigger saving an attachment or sharing an attachment via Dropbox on Yahoo Mail.

Cool Tip: You can also share Dropbox files with groups and users of Facebook. Here are the details on the process.

Sharing from Dropbox

When you compose a new mail, you can hit on the attachments icon like you used to previously. Here, you will see a second option reading Share from Dropbox.

Share From Dropbox

Clicking on that option will pop out a modal window to let you choose the required files. The good thing is that you can navigate through all available files and folders, use the search function or even upload a file to your Dropbox account.

Attach Files Dropbox E1368023875653

Saving to Dropbox

Prior to the integration you could save incoming attachments only to your local drives. Now, you can directly save those attachments directly to Dropbox. Click on the Save button beside any attachment and take the option to Save to Dropbox.

Save To Dropbox

You will be asked to select a location/folder to save the file. The default is portrayed as a new folder named Yahoo Mail.

Choose Save Location


The integration of Yahoo with Dropbox is a wise decision in my opinion. Gmail and Outlook continue to set new standards when it comes to email and Yahoo needed to do something similar to stay in the game. Finally, it has brought an improvement, and intelligently so, without incurring much development cost.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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