Activate Flip Ahead on IE 10 For a Better Browsing Experience

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is without doubt a better fit for touch screen devices. Now, when you are an user of such a device, you would want to do almost all tasks by either a swipe or a tap. Typing and clicking makes things boring, right?

In the same context, why not look at and activate a feature that comes with Internet Explorer 10. This feature is called Flip Ahead and once activated, it allows you to navigate to successive pages (on a website) with a simple swipe or a tap. Let us explore more of it.

Note: The Flip Ahead feature works with Internet Explorer in the metro mode only. Meaning, it isn’t available for experience on desktop mode.  Also, note that it opens in metro mode if and only if you have chosen Internet Explorer the default browser.

You may activate the feature from either metro mode or desktop mode. We will see both ways. And then, you can choose the one that feels easier to you.

Activate Flip Ahead via Metro Mode

Launch Internet Explorer in metro mode. You can do that by opening the same from the start screen. Then follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Bring up the charm bar when the application is up and navigate to the settings domain.

Step 2: The Settings pane will come up. Click on Internet Options as shown in the image below.

Internet Options

Step 3: Another pane named Internet Explorer Settings will show up. Look for Flip ahead and turn the button on to activate the feature.

Turn On Flip Ahead

Activate Flip Ahead via Desktop Mode

Launch Internet Explorer in desktop mode. You can do that by opening it from the Windows explorer. Then follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Navigate to Tools (gear like icon on the top right) and click on Internet Options.

Step 2: That will bring up the Internet Options dialog. Switch to the Advanced tab. Now, scroll down to Browsing section and tick mark the option reading Enable flip ahead.

Enable Flip Ahead

Step 3: You will see a message about your browsing history being shared with Microsoft. Give it a green signal.

Filp Ahead Warning

Whichever way you follow, you will end up activation the flip ahead feature for the browser. However, note again that the feature would work only while you are using the browser in metro mode.

With that done you will be able to navigate through pages on a website with a simple swipe of your finger. For non-touch devices you can use the button as shown in the image below.

Flip Ahead Button

Note: Activating this feature will send your browsing history to Microsoft. So, be sure that you want to do it. They claim that they use the history to enhance the featured experience.

Filp Ahead Warning1


Flip ahead is a small but useful feature. If you are an owner of a touch device then it makes sense to activate it. You will end up saving some time and effort. Besides, you will have a better browsing experience.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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