11 Excellent Little-Known Online Tools For College Students

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If you are in college right now, then you know that few things can be as valuable as knowing about a great website that can make your upcoming tasks and assignments easier. However, the problem with these online tools is that they are all well too known and don’t bring anything new or original to your workflow actually.

This is why in this post, we skip those popular, often far too used online tools to focus on other that, while less popular, are just as useful if not more. Now, some of you might find some familiar services in this list but we can bet you’ll find some new ones too.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Get Your To-Dos in Order With Any.Do

For just about any student out there, having a to-do app to refer to is essential. In my experience, if you want something that is simple, powerful and available everywhere, then Any.Do is the way to go.

This great to-do client is available as a plugin for Chrome, which means you can run it on both Mac and PCs. Additionally, Any.Do is a free app for both Android phones and the iPhone, so you can have all your to-do’s in sync and on the go. Here’s our review of Any.do for iOS.

Any Do

2. Track Where You Spend Time With Rescue Time

Rescue Time is the best online tool to know where your time goes. It runs in the background and lets you see exactly which app, websites and even documents you use the most. With this essential information in hand, you will be able to see what activities are not that necessary and then adjust your “screen time” to be more productive. Check out Rescue Time here.

Rescue Time

3. Collaborate Using Zoho Suite

Self-described as a set of online business, productivity and collaboration applications, Zoho Suite boasts more than 25 tools to help you and your team collaborate and get things done fast no matter where you are.


4. Track Assignments With Soshiku

If you would like to have an online tool that helps you keep track of your college assignments and that even notifies you every time one of them is due, then Soshiku is what you want. It’s free and works well.


5. Save Money With Honey for Chrome

Fancy saving money when shopping online for your textbooks? Enter Honey, a Chrome add-on that automatically searches for discount codes during the checkout process on most major online retailers. Save and Enjoy!

Honey Plugin

6. Rent Books Through CampusBookRentals

If you are really into saving and you don’t mind not owning any of you textbooks by the end of the term, then renting them through sites like CampusBookRentals can net you savings of up to 80 percent.

Campus Book Rentals

7. Easy Citations With EasyBib

Writing that award-winning paper for your literature class and want to avoid all those tedious citations and bibliographies? Check out EasyBib to get them done for you the easy way.

Easy Bib

8. Search PDF Papers on PDF Search Engine

As its name states, PDF Search Engine is the place to go to find countless PDF papers, manuals and reports, which usually have far more accurate and reliable information that any website out there.

Pdf Search Engine

9. Learn For Free On iTunes U

Often underestimated, iTunes U has grown to become a huge database brimming with useful and fun content that can definitely give you a leg up no matter which subject you are looking for.

I Tunes U

10. Analyze Words With Word Counter

Word Counter is the perfect tool to make your papers and reports flow smoothly and read like if written by a pro – not that they haven’t ???? -. This website finds the most used words in your texts and even ranks them by frequency, which allows you to avoid overuse and redundancy.

Word Counter

11. Research Efficiently With Diigo

What if your computer screen was your studying desk? It is possible thanks to Diigo, an online tool that lets you highlight and add sticky notes to web pages, then archive them for offline reading and even tag them. Even better, you can access everything in your right from your smartphone if you want. Here’s our review of Diigo.


There you go. If you know about other great online tools, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.

Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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