A Review of EasilyDo, a Useful Task Assistant for iPhone

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Time management methodologies never get old. People want to be more productive and to accomplish more things in less time. We already covered some to-do apps for the iPhone (in

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as well) that use these methodologies. However, the great advantage but also the great flaw of to-do apps, is that they force you to focus. Be it a single task or one project, to-do apps sometimes fail to give you the “big picture” or to help you take care of smaller things.

To solve this, developers at Easilydo Inc. have created EasilyDo for iPhone, a half-personal assistant and half-reminders application that does such a huge amount of things, that it could easily replace a few apps that might already be on your iPhone.

Do It

The main goal of EasilyDo is to keep you up to date with the little things that some of your other apps might fail to cover. In the words of its own developers:

“We try to pick up the things that fall between the cracks of other apps.”

While describing every single task that EasilyDo lets you achieve might be overkill, some examples of what you can do with it will definitely help illustrate what it can do.

For example, the app can integrate with your Contacts and instantly notify you about duplicate entries. However, instead of doing just that, it also allows you to merge both entries by just tapping the blue Do It button.

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You like free stuff? Of course you do. All of us do. Well, let’s say you want to check out the App Store’s weekly free app to see if you download it or not. Instead of going to the App Store to do that though, you can do all that right from Easilydo. Even more, using the Do It button you can even visit the download page for the app right away.

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In similar fashion, you can also learn about the latest free single on the iTunes Store and download it right from EasilyDo.

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If you give the app access to your location and your reminders, it will then notify you beforehand whenever you have a meeting and will even show you a map with directions to get to the location.

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If there is now downside to EasilyDo though, it is that it requires you to grant it permission to access you accounts on several of the most important online services out there. Gmail contact integration requires EasilyDo to access your Gmail account, having updates from friends and family within the app needs you to allow it to access your Facebook account. The same goes for Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Twitter, Evernote and more.

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Important Note: While granting EasilyDo permission to access all those services provides some great benefits and allows you to barely leave the app, it might also raise some issues with those concerned about their privacy.

Final Thoughts on EasilyDo

It speaks very well of an app so broad and all-encompassing that it can be summed up in a simple phrase: A helpful assistant for all the little things you don’t want to forget.

The app is that and more and, if you trust it completely, it will save you a lot of time helping you either post messages to your friends Facebook profiles from within it, track your packages, RSVP to events and much, much more. All without you having to ever exit it.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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