Clever Clues Review: A Challenging iPhone Vocabulary Builder

Clever Clues Review

Personally, gaming on the iPhone is not an activity I put a lot of time into. For that, I use dedicated consoles or handhelds, since they offer far deeper, more involving experiences.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t game on the iPhone occasionally, since this allows me to discover excellent games, like action RPGs and puzzles for example.

But if I had to choose one game genre that I find was really made for the iPhone and other iOS devices, it would be Word Games, especially those who also qualify as vocabulary builders.

We’ve covered a few Word Games for the iPhone already, showing you what we consider the best of them. However, not all word games are created equal. In fact, there are a few, select ones that besides being fun, can also be tremendously challenging and that are sure to have you questioning the whole definition of “casual” gaming.

Clever Clues is one such game that can be both really fun but also highly demanding. Let’s take better look at it.

The Basics of Clever Clues

Release not too long ago as a fermium app in the App Store, Clever Clues is a vocabulary game with a unique approach that uses very clean and simple graphics, making for an overall nice-looking flat interface.

Clever Clues 1

The mechanics of the game require you to find words of a certain length using a group of set letters and a few clues as the base. To start, you select the kind of round you want to play. It can be a round of three, four, five or six letter words, with word made up of more letters available as in-app purchases.

Clever Clues 4

You are then presented with your clues and a grid of letters you will have to use to type out your answers. If you type correctly, the letters you used will disappear, leaving less to choose from and narrowing your options.

Clever Clues 8
Clever Clues 7

The Challenge Behind Clever Clues

As you might have noticed by the screenshots, the real challenge of this game is that it demands you to have quite a comprehensive vocabulary. A few words might not be that hard to guess by their clues, but some of them are really obscure and hard to get even if you use the hints the game throws at you every time you tap on a clue.

Clever Clues 5
Clever Clues 6

That said, this makes the game feel even more rewarding every time you guess a word right. And if you feel it doesn’t provide enough challenge for you, Clever Clues also offers a series of “clue packs” (at $0.99 each) to ramp up the challenge almost instantly. Not that I needed to buy any of them though, since I’m still not done solving the hundreds included with the game for free.

Clever Clues 9

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised to find Clever Clues. The game is challenging and addictive, it plays great on the iPhone and is ideal for short bursts of gameplay. All of that for free and with the option to buy even more clues and increase the challenge. Definitely recommended if you are looking to beef up your vocabulary and have fun while doing so.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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