3 Apps That Help You Learn How to Use Windows 8

Windows 8 is still a new thing. Though it has been in the market for a while, not everyone has had a feel of it. However, if you didn’t think it through and have already bought it only to find that the new UI experience isn’t turning out to be such a good experience after all, then you’ve landed on the right website today.

You already know that Windows 8 has a store, which hosts all kinds of apps that you could download and use. While you play with the apps, there are few apps that can actually help you learn how to use Windows 8 and find your way around this new OS.

We will introduce you to three such apps. Let’s begin.

Windows 8 Handbook

Windows 8 Handbook E1365439488563

Windows 8 Handbook has done well by accompanying its pithy tutorials with videos. You will find that the tiny tutorials can help you quickly and easily learn about various topics like touch/mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

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The handbook features one thumbnail for one topic, ranging from system settings to app management. When you click on a thumbnail, it launches a one page detail about that topic. It is no doubt a good reference to keep handy when you are new to Windows 8.

Learn Windows 8

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Learn Windows 8 appears similar to Windows 8 Handbook at the first glance. But, it’s different. Unlike the former, it focuses on a step by step method to help cover a topic. The processes aren’t uselessly elaborated and only the details that are needed are shared.

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The best part is that it concentrates on you trying out the steps as you learn. You can easily snap the app and then use the other section of the screen to try what it just taught. A first hand experience is the best teacher and that’s what this app aims to help you with.

Windows 8 Complete Guide

As the name suggests, the Windows 8 Complete Guide app puts down a lot of details in text. For any topic that you choose to explore, you will find some quality explanation behind it. What appeals more is the video (for each topic) that is self-explanatory on what needs to be done to help you get going.

Windows 8 Complete Guide E1365439714250

Apart from the teaching, it comes with a latest tech news section which indeed is a bonus for people like me.

Bonus One: 7 Tutorials

7 Tutorials

7 Tutorials has a huge content repository. The good part about this app is that it isn’t limited to Windows 8. You can even get help for Windows 7, Windows Phone, Mac and Linux.

7 Tutorials Details E1366906718243

Its categories are well divided under topics and sub-topics. And, the best thing is that there something new to explore everyday. More than an app it functions like a website and a blog.


All three apps mentioned above are beautiful in their own way. They have unique styles of presenting the data and putting across the tutorials. I suggest that you try each one and choose the best suited. Or, you may keep all of them for reference. There could be instances when a topic is available on one and not on the other.

The apps are growing in content each day. That means, a regular update of the apps will keep you up-to-date. And, in order to learn how to do that, you may want to open one of the apps.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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