Top 5 Sports Games for Android

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I am not a sports person when it comes to the real world. But when it comes to virtual gaming, I bet you can’t beat me in the sports I like to play.

There must be many like me who can’t make it to the fields. So why not bring the fields to you while you are waiting for someone in a coffee shop or need to pass your time in a journey?

Today we are going to see some of the best sports games available for Android. Each of these is awesome in its own way. Let’s begin!

Note: All these games come in a series and in every few months or a year developers come out with new and improved versions. All the games in the post link to the latest version while writing but please search the Play Store for any new update before installing the game.

Real Football

After relocating to UK, I’ve realized that everyone here is religious; the religion being football (soccer for our American readers). When it comes to PC and other different consoles, EA Sports FIFA is the best of the bests, but on Android, I prefer Real Football over the former. Unlike FIFA, which is a paid game, Real Football is a free title. The user can enjoy the exhibition, league and various international cup modes with more than 350teams. All these league matches, teams and players are updated with the most recent changes time to time.

Real Football

On supported devices, the game works like charm. The gameplay is brilliantly optimized for small screen display. The game also provides customization, and a user can create his custom teams and design all its gear.

The game supportsHypergame Technology, using which you can play the game you just watched on TV and decide the outcome all by yourself. Sounds really cool, right? It would be more when you actually play the game yourself.

Virtua Tennis™ Challenge

If you wish to take Tennis from real courts to a virtual 4” Android display, no game can do it better than Virtua Tennis™ Challenge. Virtua Tennis™ Challenge ($4.99) delivers lifelike tennis playing experience right on your smartphone. You can practice different shots using various gestures and then take your skills to tournaments and cups. There are over 50 world’s best players to compete with, in over 18 different world class stadiums.


And the best things is that you don’t need to fight alone. The game supports co-op (Cooperative gameplay) using which you and any one of your friends can play together as a doubles team. Users can connect using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access point and play simultaneously. Speaking from personal experience, it is one of the best features of the game that you won’t find in any of its competitors.

Let’s Golf

Let’s Golf is a freemium golf game series from Game Loft. In the free version, a user can play 5 holes every day. You can earn or buy energy boosts to keep on playing. However, unlike the conventional golf game that’s played on a golf course, Let’s Golf is played on building roof tops but that doesn’t change anything, in fact it adds to the overall experience.

Lets Golf

The game also supports multiplayer, both online and locally through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The best thing about the game is that the user can customize his player before competing against other players. You can also purchase some in-game skills to show off, but that’s optional.

Baseball Superstars

I don’t know much about baseball other than scoring a homerun and what strike is, but from what it looks like, Baseball Superstars is one of the best games to experience baseball on Android. The game gives you a RPG baseball experience where you train your player and compete with other online players.

Baseball Star

The game has splendid graphics and amazing controls, and you can complete some daily quests to earn additional points for level up.

Cricket T20 Fever

Last but not the least, my favorite game: T20 cricket. Cricket T20 Fever is the only 3D cricket game available on Play Store that’s worth playing. Though the name states T20 cricket, it also supports ODI game mode. The game supports motion capture technology to animate various game events.

T20 Cricket

One of the most important things to know for a virtual cricket game is batting and bowling controls and the game developers have tackled it brilliantly. Currently the number of teams and stadiums are not much but the game keeps getting better after each update. And when you play the game, look out for cheerleaders to dance for you when you pull a shot or take a wicket!


So these were some of the best sports games available for Android that you an install and enjoy playing. If you would like to recommend some additional games to our readers, or better alternatives to the existing ones, feel free to drop a comment.

Top image Credit: Will Palmer

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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