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While working on Excel sheets

data comparison

counts as an important task. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially, when you do not know how to go about doing it. The most beautiful trick about comparing documents is to

arrange them side by side

so that they are both visible at the same time. When you do that you do not have to keep switching between the windows.

However, the windows thing is not really true to every version of MS Excel. It is only with Office 2013 that you can open multiple Excel sheets in their own windows. Then you can snap them in the desired manner like you would arrange any other applications.

Cool Tip: Here’s our tutorial to help you snap windows better and with ease.

Though snapping worked with MS Word and other applications, it was somehow missing or rather not available in earlier versions of Excel.

Besides, the arrange all option is still present. The option on the ribbon lets you arrange all open windows quickly. If you try that on a lower version, you would notice that the open sheets would have to share a single window and the ribbon, with only the sheets arranged. Things are different now.

We will see, step by step how to arrange the windows on the new version of MS Excel:-

Step 1: Open the workbooks that you would like to work on at a time.

Step 2: Now on any of the sheets, navigate to View on the window. Now, click on Arrange All under the Windows section.

Excel Arrange All E1364752116855

Step 3: When you do that you will be shown a small dialog box wherein you can select the style of arrangement. That is something which varies from case to case and I have no special preference here.

Arrange All Style

If your choice is horizontal arrangement you do not have to go through the above steps. You can simply click on View Side by Side.

View Side Side

With that the arrangement part is over. There is one more trick which you may want to know in order to enhance the degree of side by side view.

Tiles Windows E1364752294691

Refer the above image (Step 3) again. The option that reads Synchronous Scrolling activates a setting that scrolls both windows at the same time. Meaning, you do not have to scroll them individually. If you ask me, this one feature can greatly enhance your productivity with Excel.


The View Side by Side feature has always been there. But the problem was that it had to be applied to a single window. And, that rendered a single ribbon too. I used to have a tough time with that. With the latest enhancement I have found some relief. It has made work easier for me.

If you happen to upgrade to Office 2013 try this out and tell us about your experiences.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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