Sooner for iOS Review: Different Approach to Task Management

Sooner Review

If you are a frequent reader of the site, you will know that one of the kind of apps that I tend to rely a lot on are task managers. In fact, here I’ve covered some of which I consider the

best that Apple’s App Store has to offer

, as well as comparing others with

Apple’s very own Reminders


However, if there is something that all these task managers have in common, it is that they all work managing tasks as vertical lists. I’m perfectly ok with this approach of course. It seems practical.. unless you try something entirely different. The app I am talking about is Sooner, an iPhone app with a unique approach to task management that is just as competent as some of its most known counterparts.

Let’s take a better look at what this interesting task manager app brings to the table.

Interface and Design

Upon opening the app, it is clear why Sooner sets itself apart from the rest of task managements apps out there: The app features a unique circular design with bordered colors, each representing a list or a project. The whole things looks like a very stylish pie, with each piece of it made up of white space where all your tasks will go.

Sooner 1

Tapping on any of the sections of this graph-like overview takes you to a more traditional view where you can add tasks and manage the existing ones.

Sooner 2

Overall, the design is clean and smart, since it allows you to see not just your list and project names when in “overview” mode, but also the tasks contained in them in a very intuitive way thanks to its color-coded arrangement.

Using Sooner

To add a task in Sooner, all you need to do is to drag the “+” icon into the list view and type it. Additionally, with the paid version of the app ($2.99) you can add a deadline, a reminder and even a priority to your tasks and projects.

Sooner 4
Sooner 3

Likewise, when in overview mode, you can drag the same icon to the border of the graph to add a group of tasks or a project. Once done, tapping on the colored border of any of the projects will allow you to edits its name, color and set a deadline for all the tasks in it.

Sooner 5
Sooner 6

Once tasks are added to any project, managing them is fairly easy: Just swipe any of them to the right to mark it as completed and then pull the screen up to delete it. Strangely enough, there is no way to delete a task with a single swipe.

Sooner 7
Sooner 8
Sooner 9


All in all, I am very impressed by what Sooner manages to achieve. It is simple, elegant and, even in its free version is extremely useful. The interface might not be for everyone (I still prefer the traditional list view for example), but if you are looking for a different way to manage your tasks then Sooner will not disappoint.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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