How to De-Sense HTC One X ROMs

Ashish Mundhra

HTC Sense is a piece of art and there’s no manufacturer in the Android smartphone market that can claim to ship a custom software as good as the enhanced graphics and smooth experience that the one by HTC provides. However, all this comes bundled with a small caveat. While on one hand HTC Sense is cool in looks, it can be very heavy on the memory and suck more juice from the battery.

In the past we have already seen how to install a custom Sense-less ROM on HTC One X, but today we are going to see a method to completely remove the sense UI from almost any rooted HTC One X device.

Desensed Rom 2 Desensed Rom 1

Before we start

Here’s a list of few things that you need to ensure before starting.

  • Make sure your HTC One X is unlocked, rooted and a custom ClockworkMod recovery is installed. If you haven’t performed it yet, have a look at our detailed guide on how it’s done.
  • The script can only be installed on devices with Sense 4.0, 4.1, 4.5, 4+, CM, AOSP & AOKP ROMs. To check the sense version you are using on the phone, open System settings and navigate to About—>Software information and look at the HTC Sense version. If the mentioned version matches, you are good to go.

Sense Info 1 Sense Info 2

  • Make a complete backup of your phone. Nandroid backup would be the best and safest option to use here.

Note: As long as you take care of the necessary pre-requisites and follow the steps, there’s nothing you should be worried about. Still, we have to give the usual disclaimer that we aren’t responsible if you brick your phone in the process. Proceed at your own risk.

Flashing the Script

Step 1: Download the latest version of the ROM Cleaner for HOX and place it on your HTC One X internal storage device. Once that’s done, reboot to HTC One X bootloader using the Volume Up+ Power Button and then open the custom recovery installed on the device.

Step 2: Select Install Zip from SD card—>Choose Zip from SD card and select the ROM cleaner script to install it. The file will be analyzed before the Aroma installer opens up. Once the Main Menu shows up, tap on the option ROM Cleaner. You can also take backup of your current settings before de-sensing the ROM.

Step 3: There are two ROM cleaner versions included in this single script. The first one is ROM Cleaner Sense and another is ROM Cleaner NO-Sense. The former is like a bridge between the two extremes which removes considerable Sense settings, leaving behind the launcher and some widgets. The second option will make your ROM completely Sense-less.

Rom Cleaner Aroma 2 Rom Cleaner Aroma 3

Step 4: If you choose to remove the HTC Sense launcher, you will need to choose one of the many available application launchers which will be used as an alternative.

Rom Cleaner Aroma 1

Step 5: That’s all, once you have configured everything, run the script and it will take only a matter of seconds for it to finish up. Finally reboot the device and enjoy your ROM without HTC Sense.

Note: There might be a chance (1 out of 100) that you might be stuck in a boot loop. In such cases, open Fastboot recover and flash the custom boot.img file for the ROM you are currently using.


So that was how you can completely de-sense almost any HTC One X ROM. This is a great way to free up some space on your device and at the same time, increase the performance and battery life.  If you are an advanced user, you can even edit the script in notepad and remove only the elements you wish to.

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