Simple Mind Games: A Smart, Minimal iPhone Brain Teaser Game

Simple Mind Games

Brain teaser games are nothing new to the iPhone and iOS devices in general. In fact, we have already written a few lists about some of the

best puzzle games


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. Still, sometimes some games come out that have enough going for themselves to stand out from the crowd.

This is precisely the case of Simple Mind Games, a simple, yet brilliant collection of brain teaser games gathered in a fun, intuitive and stylish iPhone app (sorry iPad owners, no iPad version for the time being) that includes eight different mini games designed to put your memory and skills to the test.

The eight games included in Simple Mind Games are: Spelling, Flash, Shapes, Maths, Order, Reaction, Recall and Match. The first three of them are available for free without any limitations, while you can unlock the remaining ones from within the app for $1.99.

In App Purchase

Let’s take a quick look of a few of these mini games for you to have a feel of the app and what it offers.

Basic Game Mechanics

One of the elements that unifies all of the games in the app are their rules: For every game you are given a minute to solve whatever it is that it throws at you. Do it right and fast multiple times (exactly how many depends on each game) and the game will give you more time to remain alive and keep gaming.

Mini Games

The mini games of Simple Mind Games are exactly as the app’s name indicates – simple. Of course, depending on which kind of game you like, they can also be addictive.

The Spelling game for example will show you groups of four words on the screen one after the other, requiring you to single out the word that is spelled right by tapping the three that are spelled wrongly. Tapping the words is very responsive, but still, as the complexity of the words increases, getting right in a row the three needed to gain five extra seconds can prove very challenging.

Spelling 1
Spelling 2

The next game, Flash, puts your memory to the test by flashing a number on the screen for about a second or less and asking you to type it out using a small numeric pad. As the game progresses, the numbers flash faster and become much longer, making them a lot more difficult to remember, even more so with the pressure of the time running out.

Flash 1
Flash 2

Shapes and Maths are as different as they are challenging. The first requires you to point out the shape that corresponds to its name, while the second involves a series of math operations where you have to calculate the corresponding number fast and single it out from the rest of available ones.


As for the rest of the mini games, Order requires you to tap the on-screen numbers in increasing order, Reaction has you tapping on the circles that light green in color in a panel of 4 x 4 circles. Recall and Match are a bit more simple, with Recall being a more elaborate version of Flash and Match requiring you to confirm if the shape shown on the screen matches the previous one.

As you can see, as long as you like brain teasers, you will definitely find something to keep you busy in Simple Mind Games. It might not offer scoreboards or online play as or other games in the App Store, but for $1.99, it more than fulfills its purpose.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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