Repix Review: iOS Photo Editing App With an Artful Focus

Repix Review

Developed by Sumoing,


is a photo editing app for the iPhone and iPad that goes for a different approach than what similar apps take: Instead of placing its focus on simple editing options and on the general application of effects to photos, Repix provides a unique experience to iOS users by adding a painting element to the photo editing mix. The result is an app that you can use not only for

adding a few filters to your photos

, but also to “retouch” and “paint” even specific parts of them.

Here is a more in-depth look at what makes Repix so different and unique.

To make things easier for the novice, the app comes loaded with a nice, sharp image that you can use to learn the ins and out of it. In addition to that though, you can also take a photo with your iPhone’s camera to use or simply pick one from your Camera Roll or from your Photo Stream. Most interestingly though, Repix also allows you to connect to your Facebook account to draw pictures from it to edit within the app, a very smart feature obviously meant to get people to use the app a lot more than originally intended.

Repix 1

Note: One downside that I found quite annoying with the app is that you can’t use photos from the albums on your iPhone or other iOS device, so you are limited to the options shown above.

Once on the app’s main editing screen, you will find all the available brushes at its bottom.

Repix 2

To use them, simply tap on any of them to apply its particular painting effect to your photo. Curiously enough, while you can’t resize the brush to paint on bigger or smaller sections, you can actually zoom in and out your photos and the brush will remain the same size, allowing you to make all the adjustments you would like to your photos.

Repix 3
Repix 4

Using all the included brushes, you will be able to give your photos some unique new looks, which is quite easy considering how responsive and accurate the brushes are.

Repix 5
Repix 6
Repix 7
Repix 8

Moving to the top of the screen, you will find an icon that displays all the conventional editing tools found on most photo editing apps for the iPhone. You can use them to crop your photos and to adjust their Contrast, Saturation, Temperature and other elements. Applying any of these edits (except for cropping of course) is as simple as just swiping your finger across the screen.

Repix 9
Repix 10
Repix 11
Repix 12

In addition to all of the included brushes, Repix also offers a series of additional brush packs available as in-app purchases, and you can try them before buying if you want to be sure first.

Repix 13
Repix 14

Tip: If you make any mistake or want to return to a previous edit, you will also find the Undo and Redo buttons at the top of the screen.


While at first I had my doubts about what Repix could bring to the table that we hadn’t seen before in similar apps, in the end I was pleasantly surprised by what it allowed me to do with photos without even needing to spend a single cent. If you are an art and photography aficionado though, you’ll find the app immensely rewarding and it additional brushes will be a must get for you.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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