How to Create the Perfect Personalized Ringtone on Android

Most of us love to cut out a segment of our favorite tracks and apply them as a ringtone. For the purpose, there are many online services and apps that host pre-edited songs, most of which are uploaded by other users. Finding ringtones, downloading them on the phone and then setting them up as a ringtone is a cakewalk. However, there might be times when you don’t find that perfect clip you were looking for. What’s next then? The best option would be to cut out the clip on your own from the MP3 song and then use it as ringtone.

Ringtonium For Android 4

There are plenty of Android apps already available that let you cut out songs on the device. But the problem with most of these apps are that editing the wave spectrum at the precise location is a Herculean task, especially when the display is small. Ringtonium is an Android MP3 editor app that not only makes editing easy and fun, but also comes with many unique features which you probably won’t find in other similar ringtone apps out there. Let’s see what they are.

Ringtonium for Android

The lite version of Ringtonium can be downloaded from the Play Store with an option to upgrade to pro after making a small purchase. There’s a way by which you can get the premium app for free by downloading an additional sponsored app which can later be uninstalled after gaining the premium access.

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When the app initializes it will ask you to either import a track from your music library or record one using the phone’s mic. The choice is yours and once the track’s loaded, you will see the wave spectrum in the top panel with controls to play and edit the song. The interface is beautifully designed which makes editing hassle-free.

The user can touch anywhere on the wave spectrum to get the start and end markers and the play button will play the particular segment of the song when tapped. There’s an option to loop the selection as well.

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The most amazing part of the app is the fine tuner that’s in the middle of the screen. This control works like a volume knob and can be used to precisely set the start and end marker of the track depending upon which one is chosen. The fine tuner only works when the song is paused, and displays the approximate length of the current selection in minutes and seconds.

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Once you have marked the exact start and end point, the next thing you can do is adjust fade in/out and normalize the track using the FX tab. Here too you can listen to the edits you make on the track and revert back if you didn’t like the changes.

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Ringtonium For Android 3

Finally the track can be renamed and saved as a ringtone, alarm tone or notification sound. If you wish to apply the newly created ringtone to a specific track, it can be done by selecting the tone type as Music while saving. Assigning the tone for a particular contact can also be done using the option Put track on contact call.

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So that was how you can edit a song precisely on your Android, save it in your music library or create a ringtone out of it. The simplicity of this app and the way its interface is designed has really impressed me.

If you would like to recommend any additional Android apps for ringtone creation, just drop a comment. We love it when our readers reach out to us.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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