Record Screen Activity on iPhone or iPod as a Lag-free Video

There’s this cool Cydia tweak using which one can make a Harlem Shake video using the iOS app icons on the Springbaord. Yes, you read it right, using the “icons.” Here’s a video in which you can see how it looks.

While getting the Harlem Shake on the device was a pretty easy task, none of it would have been of any use if I was not able to make a video out of it and share it with my friends. Moreover just the video was not enough, to enjoy the shake, it had to be completely free of any lags.

So let’s see how I managed to record a lag-free screen video on my iPod. The process can be adapted for the iPhone and iPad without any changes. We will also see a bonus tip on how you can perform the Harlem Shake as seen in the above video.

Note: If you haven’t yet jailbroken your iOS device, have a look at our guide on jailbreaking iOS devices. It’s the easiest possible way to jailbreak iPhones.

Installing Display Recorder

Considering that you have jailbroken your iOS device, open Cydia and wait for it to load the repositories. Once that’s done, open the Search tab and look for the package Display Recorder. Make sure you have configured Insanely repository as one of the sources on Cydia. You might see many packages named Display Recorder. Install the one from the author Ryan Petrich and restart the Springboard

I Os Display Recorder 6

The package mentions the devices and iOS version it currently supports, and you must only install the package if the information matches your device.

Configuring Display Recorder

Before we start recording the screen, configuring the app would be a good idea. To do that open the device’s iOS settings, look for Display Recorder and tap on it. Here you can configure the output video quality by specifying the frame rate quality, video format video quality etc. If you need audio in the video there’s an option for that as well but the sound will be recorded using the external mic.

I Os Display Recorder 3

If you are making a tutorial video there’s an option to include finger taps for vivid explanation. The recording can be activated using the option in the app. If you have installed Activator from Cydia it can be assigned to one of the many available activation methods like finger gestures, device shake, etc. For users who wish to upload the processed video directly to YouTube, there’s a way to provide their Google’s login credentials in the configuration panel.

I Os Display Recorder 2
I Os Display Recorder 1

Recording the Screen

Once you have configured the app, the recording can be started by performing the activation method, if configured. Alternatively the user can run the app and tap the plus button icon to start recording and press the home button. The service will run in the background and record everything you perform on your device. When you are done open the app and end the recording to save the video.

I Os Display Recorder 5
I Os Display Recorder 4

Finally you can have a look at the recorded video, upload it to YouTube or even save it to Camera Roll from where you can transfer it to your computer using the data cable. You can also start a server and open the stream on a web browser to record the screencast or take a screenshot. However there might be a lag while recording the screen on the web browser.

Bonus Tip: Harlem Shake on iOS Device

If you wish to get your iOS icons to do Harlem Shake as shown in the video above, download and install the package Harlem Shake from BigBoss repository. Having done that, activate the activation sequence using the Activator app which will install automatically if you don’t have it already.

Harlem Shake I Phone 2
Harlem Shake I Phone 1

Now restart the Springboard and activate Harlem Shake gesture to see the icons go crazy.


Display Recorder is one the best and easiest way to record iOS screen on a jailbroken device. The final rendered video from the app is sure to impress you with its smoothness. Windows users can use Windows Movie Maker for small edits before uploading the it on various video sharing services.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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