4 Clever Ways to Make the Most Out of iOS App Store

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One of the most important things to come out of the iPhone a few years ago (and almost by accident) was the

App Store

, the place where all iOS device users get their apps from (unless you have a

jailbroken iPhone

of course).

While at the beginning it was very unexciting and plagued by navigation problems, the App Store has improved dramatically over the past few years to become a great place to browse, discover and download the latest games and apps for your iOS devices.

Still, why just browse and download casually when you can use the following suggestions to have a much better experience of what the App Store has to offer and also take advantage of some of its sweetest deals before they expire?

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Updates Often (Hence You Should Browse it Often)

Easily one of the better aspects of the App Store is how often it is updated. Applications are reviewed, accepted and included in the App Store every day. So it is very likely that the very same search you perform now might have a couple of extra results the next time you perform it.

On top of that, its featured items, staff picks and top charts are also updated at least once a week, which makes it definitely worth your while browsing often.

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2. Look for Free Apps and Games

Needless to say, the App Store offers some great apps and games that are completely free. But not just that, it also features some paid apps and games for users to download every week completely free of charge. So make sure to visit the Free section of the App Store’s Top Charts, as well as its featured Free App of the Week for great finds.

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3. Subscribe to Sites That Feature Free Games, Apps and App Store Deals

With so many apps and games being submitted and published on the App Store every day, even the store’s navigation can’t get everything sorted out perfectly and on time.

Because of this, several sites on the web do the heavy-lifting for you and filter all this content to offer the best deals and free offers for both apps and games. Simply search the web for “app deals” and you will find sites like IGN’s daily newsletter or App Shopper, which feature the latest discounts and great deals on app and games, in most cases even updated hourly.

App Shopper

4. Disable In-App Purchases

We’ve all read the horror stories of parents having to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars because of their kids buying buying items uncontrollably via in-app purchases in some of their favorite games. Naturally, it is not Apple’s job to parent someone else’s kids. So it falls upon us to ensure our wallets don’t end up dry because of someone else using our iTunes account to purchase countless items from within an app.

Thankfully, you can disable in-app purchases on your iPhone or any iOS device by simply going to Settings > General > Restrictions and then by tapping Enable Restrictions. After authenticating with your passcode, scroll down and turn In-App Purchases OFF.

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So now you know. The App Store has really a lot more to offer than what you can see at first, so make sure you make the most of every visit.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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