5 Fun and Simple Browser Based HTML5 Games for iPhone / iOS

I Phone Html 5 Games

Gaming on the iPhone has exploded in the past few years, with titles available for just about any genre and at different price points. However, there are still a couple of aspects of

games on the iPhone

that can make them inconvenient.

First, some of the most interesting games are paid. And second, you still have to search for them and download them onto your iPhone even if all you want is a quick fix of fun.

Thankfully HTML5 exists, making it possible for any iPhone owner to access some nice games for free right from Safari or Chrome or any other browser for iOS. No downloads, no waiting times, no space taken from your iPhone’s memory and no paying for them.

Let’s take a look at five great HTML 5 games that you can play right from your browser and that are perfect for short spans of playtime while at the same time remaining fun and challenging.

And remember: Since you can play any of these games on your iPhone web browser, just view this page on your iPhone and tap the links to the games to start playing them right away.

Fun Math

Like math and quick thinking? Then Fun Math is for you. The idea behind the game is simple and straightforward: Touch the numbers needed to add up to the number shown above the rest. Once the numbers you tapped on add up to the other one, they will disappear from the screen and a new number will show up.

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So far the game is already interesting. But besides being fun, it is also hectic, as you have to get rid of all the numbers on the screen before the timer runs out. And believe me, it literally runs!

Galaxy Knight

One of the flaws I find with shooters nowadays is that they tend to overcomplicate things. Huge bosses, heavily detailed levels and explosions everywhere. This is nice of course, but definitely not ideal if all you want is get into the game quick and enjoy it for a couple of minutes.

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This is where Galaxy Knight comes in. This is as simple a shooter as it gets. Turn left and right and shoot. That’s all there is to it. And of course, try to reach the 500 score.

Save Eggs

Another frantic game, Save Eggs also carries a very simple premise (as all the games in this list, naturally) that makes it ideal to play just about anywhere for a couple of minutes. In it, your main (and only) goal is to move your cart and save as many eggs as possible before they crash onto the ground.

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The eggs fall quite fast though, so you’ll be hard pressed to survive even for a minute before your ten lives run out.

Tangled Words

If you like word games on the iPhone, then you will fill right at home with Tangled Words. The game’s simple mechanics (form words by sliding your finger across letters without lifting it) make it also ideal for short bursts of gameplay, while remaining tough enough to keep you busy for a while if you choose to.

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Memory 3D

Another perfect short burst of fun, Memory 3D is just that: A memory game that plays on a 3D cube instead of on the traditional 2D views we are used to. The cube is surprisingly responsive to your finger movements and awards you more points the faster you can match all the pairs of different figures.

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There you go. Take any of these five games and save them on your bookmarks or, even better, just save them right to your iPhone’s home screen for easy access.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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