2 Best Physics-based iOS Games You Have Never Heard About

I Phone Physics Games

There is no doubt that physics-based games are all the rage on iOS. However, not everything out there is Angry Birds or Cut the Rope. There are many excellent games in the App Store that make great use of physics but that are (sadly) underrated and overlooked by most gamers.

Here we take a look at two extraordinary physics games that I rarely (if at all) see mentioned elsewhere.

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Dinosaur Slayer

Set in a medieval world, Dinosaur Slayer for iPhone ($0.99) is perhaps the most addictive game I’ve ever tried on any iOS device. At its most basic, it can be considered a tower-defense game. However, Dinosaur Slayer adds a series of original elements that make it unique.

Dinosaur Slayer 1

The game plays entirely like a 2D cartoon, which completely downplays the fact that just how hard it can become. In it, you play as a soldier (or group of soldiers) that have to defend their castle/tower from flying (and swimming) dragons that relentlessly try to assail it.

Dinosaur Slayer 2

Your duty in the game is (obviously) to defend you castle at all costs. To do so, you have to shoot arrows at the attacking dragons and other creatures that come at various speeds and in waves, with each wave being a level. The physics of shooting arrows is what really sets the game apart due to how “natural” it feels. Your aim determines not only the target, but also the speed, strength and course of your shot. All of this with just one finger pressed to the screen.

Dinosaur Slayer 3

The main mechanics of shooting dragons alone already makes the game very addictive, and you can spend a lot of time just fine-tuning your aim. However, you won’t last long just shooting, as all the incoming enemies get not only stronger, but also faster, all while increasing in numbers.

To counter this, Dinosaur Slayer includes a whole set of upgrades that you are required to manage just as if it were a very simple RPG.

Dinosaur Slayer 4

In short, you use money earned from all your dragon-slaying to hire more men and purchase more and better equipment, such as double or triple crossbows, stronger arrows, mages, spells and especially builders, who will try to rebuild your castle faster than it takes damage.

Dinosaur Slayer 5

Overall, I find this game extremely good and addictive, as well as insanely difficult as it progresses. Each level spans for just around a minute or so, which makes it ideal for on-the-go play and which might also lead you to believe the game is quite easy. Play for a couple of dozen levels though, and you will start facing gigantic bosses that take the entire screen while also taking care of slaying tougher dragons, turning the game from something already fast into something frantic and equally enjoyable.

Flick Kick Football

Another excellent physics game for iPhone in the form of a soccer shooter.

If you are not a soccer fan, don’t let the game’s theme dissuade you though. Flick Kick Football is easy to grasp, play and enjoy. In fact, just as Dinosaur Slayer is a work of genius due to its multilayer mechanics, Flick Kick Football is just so thanks to its simplicity.

Flick Kick Football 1
Flick Kick Football 2

The aim of the game is just one: Score goals. To do that though, you will be using easily the best flicking mechanics I’ve ever experienced in any iOS game. The soccer ball responds seamlessly to flicks of your finger no matter if you want to perform a straight shot or one with a crazy curve.

Flick Kick Football 3

Every shot you miss loses you a life, while each one you score close to the posts gains you one. Try to score as many goals as you can before losing. Once you are done, try beating your own record and prepare to become addicted.

Flick Kick Football 4
Flick Kick Football 5

There you go. Give any of these two games a shot and get ready to see hours of your life disappear in thin air while you try to beat your own scores.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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