9 Must-Know About Pages For Fire­fox Users

Sandeep Agarwal

Firefox-ThumbnailAmong all browsers, I love using Mozilla Firefox the most. The reason is straightforward – it gives me a lot of flexibility to customize things the way I like them. Of course, it being not as bad a resource hog as Chrome (in my experience of using both) also helps.

If you are a power user of Firefox (or want to become one), you should master the different about (or about:) pages that Firefox offers for enhanced productivity.

Previously, we’ve showed you a similar thing on Google Chrome – chrome://urls. Their counterpart on Firefox are the about pages. Let us check out the ten most useful ones.

1. About:About

Well, this page actually summarizes all about pages on Firefox. It lists down what is available and provides the links to navigate. However, not all of them are useful and easy to understand for the average user. You are of course free to explore the others.


2. About:Home

Typing about:home on the address bar opens a tab that takes you to your home page. It is the simplest way to reach your homepage in the middle of some browsing session. You do not have to always begin with a fresh window.


3. About:Config

We have talked about about:config in the past. When we did that we showed you the level of customization Firefox allows. The command lets you begin at this page.


4. About:Preferences

Generally, you open Firefox settings via the file menu and that throws out a new modal window. With about:preferences you can actually open it on a new tab. And, when you do that, it does not interrupt your browsing session.


5. About:Permissions

How do you manage your browser’s permissions? Things like storing passwords, sharing location, allowing cookies, pop-ups, etc. Well, I simply navigate to the page mapped to about:permissions.


6. About:PrivateBrowsing

There are many ways to open a private browsing session. Also, there are ways to set it as a permanent behavior. However, the best way to begin with such a session is to use the command about:privatebrowsing.


7. About:SessionRestore

Seeing the browser crash abruptly and losing the browsing session isn’t that bad a thing unless you are not prompted for a restore when you launch your browser again. Try the command about:sessionrestore; it may prove helpful. There’s no guarantee, though.


8. About:AddOns

You have many add-ons installed on your browser, don’t you? Want to check the list, activate or deactivate them? Navigate to the add-ons page using about:addons.


9. About:Plugins

Plugins are very similar to add-ons. The major difference being they are required to cater to certain functionalities. Example: flash player. The list and control for all those installed lies within about:plugins.


Note: Each command mentioned above needs to be typed on the address bar of the browser (just like any other web address). Then, hit Enter to open that page.


This is the list that I consider important and a must know for all the Firefox users. If you feel I have missed something do write in the comments section. Happy browsing! 🙂

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