Android: Browse Web, Watch YouTube Videos on Floating Windows

Android smartphones and tablets are now staggeringly powerful and can easily cope up with multi-tasking. Samsung has used the potential of these devices and introduced various floating apps on its new range of Android devices. On these devices one can seamlessly use these floating apps in parallel on top of other apps to increase workflow.

However, if you haven’t got Samsung, there’s no problem at all. Thanks to a lot of apps available on the Play Store, anyone can achieve this on a compatible Android device. We have already seen how to watch multitask while watching videos and look for words in a dictionary on floating apps. Adding to these, today we will see how to watch YouTube videos and perform web browsing on floating windows.

Floating Browser And Youtube Player

In the post we will cover two different apps, one of which will help with floating web browsing and another with the YouTube videos.

Floating Browser Flux!

Floating Browser Flux, as the name suggests, is a classic web browser for Android smartphone which you can use on top of any other app. Simply install the app from the Play Store and tap on the icon to start floating web browsing. The browser is very simple and cannot be compared to advanced browsers like Chrome and Firefox, but none of them have what Flux’s got! While you are working on the browser, you can maximize it to occupy full screen or minimize it to the Android drawer.

Floating Browser

Flux supports multi-tab browsing and multiple floating windows for parallel browsing. This feature can be very useful when you have to take references from more than one page and you don’t want to flip tabs frequently. The browser also keeps track of your browsing history and can import bookmarks from Chrome.

So that was about the floating browser. Now let’s have a look at floating YouTube video player, the coolest of all such tools, and even Samsung devices don’t have it by default.

Floating YouTube Popup Video

Floating YouTube Popup Video (UPDATE: This app is not available anymore) lets you play a YouTube video on top of other apps and thus lets you enjoy the audio along with the video when you are doing some other important work. After you install the app, launch the official YouTube app and open the video you want to play. Now when the video has started playing, tap on the Share button and select the app Floating YouTube.

Floating Youtube Player

The YouTube app will minimize and the video frame will open up as a pop-up player. The frame can be resized and moved on the screen without any breaks and glitches. The app can play only one video at a given time and cannot be used on any other app. Floating YouTube app is a must have app for YouTube buffs out there.


Both these apps will not be as useful to a smartphone user as it will be to tablet users, the obvious reason being the availability of more screen real estate on tablets which facilitate a better multi-tasking experience. That being said, Android devices with huge screens like Note 2 et al could also run these apps well. Try and let us know how you liked it.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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