How to Merge or Link Contacts on Windows 8 People App

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Till date I have always relied on my desktop email client, MS Outlook, to

manage my contact information

on my computer. But with Windows 8 I got a chance to switch to the People app. Besides being able to manage contacts, I found few more advantages in the form of staying connected to my social accounts.

However, when I imported contacts from the different services that I use, I found that I had multiple entries for some people on the list. Say for example, one from Facebook, one from Google and another one from Skype, all for the same person. Now, since I love staying clean and organized, this was irritating for me. I decided to merge the scatter and to my good the application provides for a way to do that.

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Though you have to do it manually for each repeating contact, it is worth the effort if you ask me.

Here’s the process.

Steps to Merge Contacts on People App

We will show the process using an example. You can repeat it for all contacts that you wish to merge on your list.

Step 1: Navigate to the Start screen and launch the People app.

Step 2: From the contacts list choose a contact that you want to merge with another one. You can search for one using the Charm bar search feature.

Choose Contact

Step 3: Choosing a contact will open the contact information page for that individual. Right-click on an empty space to show a menu on the bottom pane. Click on Link option.

People App Context Menu

Step 4: If the application recognizes any contact as a probable match, it will show suggestions. If it does not you can search for the desired one.

Merge Suggestions E1361707939405

Step 5: To do that click on Choose a contact. On the next screen choose one or multiple contacts that you would like to merge with this one. Click on Add when done.

Choose Merge Contact

Step 6: Back on the profile linking screen, click on Save to make the change permanent. Simple, right?

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I just took an example where you may see contact information for a person appearing multiple times from different services. You may have your own reasons to merge them. Whatever it be, it is useful and you will need it at least once for sure. So, I suggest that you bookmark the post so that you do not have to struggle on finding it again. Also, do not forget to share it with your friends who might need this. After all, who needs clutter right?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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