CloudKafe: Combine Online Backup, Social Account at One Place

I keep most of my data in online backup services and I am sure many of you do the same. And so many quality options being available means I have my data distributed among them. For the documents I use Google Drive, for photos it’s either Instagram or Facebook, for notes it’s Evernote and for general files and data, it’s Dropbox..

Cloud Kafe

There are many online applications that let you connect and access these services under one umbrella but none of them has ever done it like CloudKafe, an all-new cloud data organizing service that we are going to discuss today.

Organizing Data and Social Accounts With CloudKafe

First things first, you will have to create an account with CloudKafe. The service allows instant Facebook sign up but you can create an account in the conventional way using your email. Once you have verified the account, you can start using it to manage all your cloud and social services.

Create Account

Now when I mentioned organize the account, I literally meant it. Unlike other services which directly show you all your linked accounts, CloudKafe gives you the option to choose documents, photos, videos, notes and other different content types. For example, if you just wish to have a look at the documents you got in your cloud accounts, you can straightaway click on the desired option. This will filter out all the other files like images and videos you got there.

Choose Content Type

When you hover the mouse on any of the content types, it will give you the lists of services it currently supports for the current domain. Just click on the button Add Account and click on the service you would like to add. The good news is, you can add multiple accounts of the same service and just rename them accordingly.

Once you have connected the service, CloudKafe will display related files in the particular account and if supported it will show a thumbnail display of the file for you to have a quick look. You can click on a file to preview it directly on CloudKafe but if you wish to edit it, you will have to download it to your computer and re-upload it after making the changes.

Add New Account

You can rename and move a file but that’s only restricted within the service which means that you cannot move files from one account to another directly without downloading it to your computer. One thing I didn’t like was the account management frame which lists all files in the particular account. The area is very limited and cannot be enlarged. The restricted frame made working on CloudKafe a bit difficult. The video from YouTube also didn’t fit in the given area.

File Viewer

Note: CloudKafe doesn’t store any of your information on its server. It just provides a single point access to your data hosted on different services.


The service is fresh from the oven and has some shortcomings but I believe that it’s a matter of time before they get resolved and new improvements are made. The Music icon mentions coming soon but there’s no news on which services will be added and when it will be available.  Do try it out, I am sure you will love the idea.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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