15 Most Unique Sites to Find the Best Free Kindle Ebooks

Free Kindle Ebooks

The Kindle is without a doubt one of the most original and innovative devices to hit tech in the past years. Of course, it might not be as advanced or as capable as current smartphones or tablets, but it doesn’t have to be. The only thing it needs to be successful is to make it easy and pleasant to

read digital ebooks

, and in that aspect it delivers in spades.

So, what if you want to enjoy all the benefits of Kindle ebooks but you don’t want to get broke while doing so?

Thinking of that, here we have a list of 15 very unique sites that list countless of free ebooks in the Kindle format. We say unique because we have carefully chosen these 15 out of the dozens of such sites out there, including the usual suspects like Amazon’s own free Kindle section and Project Gutenberg’s website (both of which we have excluded from this list). The idea is to steer away from the popular ones and introduce you to some novel ones that are awesome and yet unknown.

1. ManyBooks

With more than 29,000 thousand titles available in different formats, ManyBooks carries some of the best free ebooks for your Kindle. Ebooks on the website are not only easy to get, but are also ranked by popularity and rating, which immediately makes the best and most popular works stand out from the rest, reducing your search time to almost zero if what you are looking for are the best of the best free Kindle ebooks.

Many Books

2. Digital Book Today

Perhaps one of the most professional free ebook sites out there, Digital Book Today is updated constantly and features both popular free ebooks and ebooks whose authors offer for free to build their reputation and to gain recognition. They carry everything from classics to recent offerings, with some of them even in other languages, all available in the Kindle format for free.


3. Books Should be Free

If you are looking for free public domain ebooks for your Kindle thenBooks Should be Free should serve you well. It is very easy to navigate and ebook downloads are clearly separated by format.


4. Freebook Sifter

Freebook Sifteris another great site to find free ebooks. Its main feature is how easy it makes it to find free Kindle ebooks from the Amazon catalogue thanks to its streamlined site navigation.

Ebook Sifter

5. eReaderiQ

eReaderiQoffers an excellent advanced search, which allows you to fine tune your ebook search with great, very targeted results. We wrote about eReaderiQ in the past and it remains useful.

Reader Iq

6. One Hundred Free eBooks

This unique free ebook site also offers a great search tool for finding books from Amazon’s catalogue. However,One Hundred Free eBooks’two main features are its hand-picked selection and the free books it offers with the permission of authors who want to get more exposure.

One Hundred

7. Ben and Me

This free Kindle ebook site, created by a loving mother, provides a unique twist on free Kindle ebooks, focusing on those that cater specifically to kids. Their selection keeps growing, so make sure to checkBen and Me often.

Ben And Me

8. Cooking With Us

Would you like to cook reading your recipes right from your Kindle? Well, Cooking With Us makes this possible with a diverse collection of cooking ebooks in Kindle format. The layout of the site is a bit messy but their ebook selection more than makes it up for it.

Cooking Kindle

9. Digi Libraries

With more than 20,000 free Kindle ebooks in a wide variety of genres, Digi Libraries is already a good free Kindle ebooks site. But add to that the ability to read all those titles also online and you’ve got yourself a winner.


10. MobiPocket

Although owned by Amazon, Mobipocket separatelyoffers a great selection of over 12,000 different ebooks. On top of that, more than 2,000 of them are available in different languages.


11. Open Library

Open Libraryboasts having over a million titles, although many of them are just different editions of the same book. Still, their selection is outstanding and available in multiple formats, including the one that works on Kindle. Even better: They have a “Send to Kindle” option that makes having the free ebook on your device a snap.

Open Library

12. Smashwords

Smashwords is an interesting site where you can find free Kindle ebooks, but not just about any kind: The Kindle ebooks featured here are mainly from indie authors who want to spread the word about their work. Bookworms who like to explore such work should check out this site.

Smash Words

13. RetroRead

RetroRead features ebooks hosted by Google books, so you are sure to find a few new different ones there.

Retro Read

14. Zen Beast

Fancy some news and entertainment with your Kindle ebooks? Zen Beastis a website that, in addition to offering Kindle ebooks for free, also carries a very nice selection of newspapers and magazines, all in Kindle format.

Zen Beast

15. Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Inkoffers some great free Kindle ebooks from Amazon’s website focusing on daily deals of great titles, some of which are usually paid.

Pixel Ink

And that ends our list. Hope you find these resources useful and keep your Kindle full of books!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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