How to Backup and Restore Data on Windows Phone 8

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The progress of internet and related technologies has brought along one awesome thing: easy and effortless data backup. Well, you could still lose all your data on a bad day but that would have caused partly by your carelessness. I mean, there are



ways to backup

your data

these days. If you still store all your eggs in one basket, you can’t blame the basket.

However, the backup process is easy (usually) only when it comes to files and documents. How about account settings and preferences on the devices that you own? A few of those are connected by the accounts linked to those devices. For example, an Apple id for Apple devices, a Google id for Android devices and a Microsoft/Outlook id for Windows devices.

Today we will talk about safeguarding the details on your Windows Phone 8 device so that if it ever malfunctions or gets stolen, you do not have to worry about anything. The backup mechanism we are going to talk about will help you recover things like phone settings, installed apps list, associated accounts, data and much more.

Cool Tip: If you have integrated your phone with SkyDrive, half of your phone’s data is already backed up. If you haven’t, do that right away.

Steps to Activate Backup on Windows Phone 8

You must have an account to be able to do this. And, if you own a Windows Phone, you probably have one. Navigate to the apps list, go to settings and tap on backup. You will see three sections that provide backup options.

Wp Backup

Tap on each one of them to open and configure the details. Begin with app list + settings and turn the switch on. Then, you can hit on back up now to make things happen.

App List Backup

Similarly, you can configure the messaging list. Besides, you can precisely choose what to backup and what you may not need.

Messaging Backup

Photos, videos, music and all other files heavily depend on either SkyDrive or connecting your phone to your computer and bringing them at sync.

Note: Your phone waits to detect a Wi-Fi connection in order to backup things. It does so immediately when it is connected to one. If that does not happen for a week it uses the mobile data connection.

Under each of the backup options you will see an advanced tab. When you navigate there you will see that you can delete the backup that you have taken (in case you want to begin afresh or associate the details with another account).

Advanced Backup Settings

One more way to initiate the backup activity is when you configure your phone for the first time. You just need to follow instructions and connect your phone as shown in the images below.

Wp Ss 20130212 0001

Restoring a Backup

More essential than knowing how to take a backup is to know how to restore a backup. If you don’t know the latter, the knowledge of the former is useless. Luckily, restoring a Windows Phone 8 phone to a previous backup is a cakewalk.

When you set up your phone, sign in to it using the same account that you used to create the backup. Follow the instructions to restore and wait till the download completes. That’s it!

Note: When you restore your phone your app data will not be available (though, apps will be). Also, the Start Screen will return to its factory default.


So, like other mobile platforms, WP8 too makes it easy to create and restore a backup. If you have already configured a backup, well and good. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and do that right away. It will definitely help you on a bad day.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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