Top 3 Free iPhone Shopping Apps to Find Great Bargains

I Phone Shopping Apps

Everyone likes a good bargain. That’s a universal truth as tangible as gravity and as certain as the sun rising every day. However, most of us tend to look only at nearby shops and settle with buying something from among the first two or three choices that are presented to us.

What is even worse, those of us with an iPhone sometimes forget we are holding an entire computer in our hand and use it only for email, Facebook, Twitter and messaging, completely forgetting that with it, and with the endless array of apps available on the App Store, we have access to a global marketplace.

But which apps to choose to get the best deals and fast shipping you ask? Well, there are certainly countless shopping apps out there, but here I will list three that continuously give me the best deals whenever I shop.

Here they are:


It would be just crazy to ignore the king of online retail on any article about shopping. Thankfully though, Amazon’s iPhone app is not only excellent, but I’d say perhaps even better than its desktop site thanks to less clutter and more focus on the things you like.

Amazon 1
Amazon 2

By now, everyone reading this should have an Amazon account, which you can use to log into the app. Once you do, the app uses your past purchase history and your cart to suggest possible products you might like. Not that it needs to of course: The array of Amazon’s offerings is staggering, and you are very likely to find what you look for with ease.

Amazon 3

Even better: You can check out right from the app or send your items as gift form within it if you choose to.


If there is one place on the web where you can find great deals on a lot of items that even Amazon’s doesn’t have, it is eBay. The auction site is renowned worldwide for its variety and the flexibility of its sellers, most of who ship worldwide.

E Bay 1
E Bay 2

Thankfully, the “spirit” of the site has been fully captured by the eBay app, which provides most, if not all, the most important features of eBay’s website. From the eBay app you can browse through different item categories (choosing from which country you want your items from), “Watch” items, send and receive messages to other eBayers and create searches that can be saved within the app. Additionally, if you log in with your eBay credentials, all of these will be saved and synced with your account.

E Bay Sell

Note: You can also sell items right from within the eBay app as well.


Contrary to our previous examples, Etsy is a marketplace mostly dedicated to handicrafts and other hand made items. This makes its offerings really varied and very affordable, since you are buying from the same people who make the items.

Etsy 1
Etsy 2

The Etsy app for iPhone keeps intact the entire website experience, thankfully, allowing you to explore and discover great items and to buy and checkout from within the app as well.

Etsy 4

The UI of the Etsy app is also quite polished, although the number of items and categories offered by it are not as extensive as what can be found on the two services mentioned above.

Etsy 3

Still, Etsy for iPhone remains a great app to find quality items (most of them environment friendly) at very interesting prices.

That’s it. No download all these free apps and start shopping for great bargains!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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