Under­stand­ing and Using Inter­net Explor­er 10 for Mobile on Win­dows Phone 8

Sandeep Agarwal

IE-Mobile-IconInternet Explorer 10 for mobile isn’t just another browser that can open web pages. It is better, simpler, cleaner and has many new interesting features when compared to the previous versions. Most importantly, it shares the core engine with its desktop cousin, Internet Explorer for Windows 8. And that means, support for HTML 5 is one among many other good things.

However, we aren’t in the browser comparison mood today. We will rather take a look at what it offers to its users. Let us begin.

Note: The Windows Phone 8 device used for this post is Nokia Lumia 920. The steps are same for all WP8 phones.

Getting Started

Launching Internet Explorer is as simple as a tap on its tile on the Start Screen. When it is up, you will find the address bar at the bottom of the panel. Type the address you want to visit while also being suggested for matches as you type.


The address bar has three sections. The first button that represents refresh by default is actually customizable. Next, is the actual address bar and then the more options button (3 dots …).

Under the More Button

At any time, during your navigation if you launch the more menu you will have options as shown in the image below.


As is clear from the first entry – tabs – it takes you to the list of open web pages at the moment. You can select the one you wish to bring to the foreground or add a new tab by tapping on the + icon at the bottom.


Recent shows you a summary or brief history of latest web pages that you have visited. It is a quick way to get back to something you just lost. Also, you can choose to remove entries from the list. It’s simple.


Managing Favorites

It is natural to want to have our favorite websites pinned somewhere to quick access. So, when you are on a favorite page, tap to more option and hit on add to favorites. Then, you can save the details.


When you want to open a favorite website, navigate to more -> favorites. Tap on an entry to open it. If you want to edit any favorite, hold the entry and you will see edit and delete options.


Well, if there is something that you need every now and then, you can pin such a favorite to the Start Screen. Pin to start is the option under more menu. For instance, you might want to pin us, like I did on mine.


Sharing Options

When you want to share some content/web page you can simply navigate to more -> share page. The various channels to do so are listed below.


You can also share a link from a web page by holding it for some time. The options will show immediately.


Apart from that you may copy the link to use somewhere else or open it on a new tab. Same concept applies to pictures.



This is the most important part as this is where you can configure a few things. You can choose between mobile version and desktop version of web pages to be displayed. Then, you can customize the address bar button- choose among favorites, stop/refresh and tabs.


Advanced settings allow you to manage cookies, tabs and links behavior, Bing suggestions and default search provider.



That is all about Internet Explorer 10 for mobile. I hope we did not miss anything. If we did, tell us in the comments section. Have fun and use your browser productively.

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