Pixel People for iPhone Review: An Addictive Simulation Game



gaming on the iPhone

and other iOS devices grows, more complex and rich genres start to slowly gain ground and recognition. Simulation is one of these genres, with a few great examples of

simulation games

(also known as “sims”) already available on the App Store. However, it is

Pixel People

(one of the latest entries into the genre) the one that captures the essence of sim games with an offering that will be as deep as it will be fun if you are a fan of such games.

Zoomed Out Map

Playing God

Perhaps one of the best features of Pixel People is that there is absolutely no need to have previous experience with simulation games, making it very easy for anyone to jump right in and start playing it.

Game Start

The aim of Pixel People is, in short, to build a new society made of clones. You start with just two of them, each assigned the jobs of Mechanic and Mayor respectively. Combining these two jobs will create a new one, in this case the Mechanical Engineer job, which you can assign to any new clone. From there, you’ll have to create new clones and keep combining jobs in order to discover new ones and make your society more diverse.

New Clone

As is expected, every new clone and its new job come in super cute pixel form which, when combined with the dozens of jobs you can create and discover, starts to give you an hint of just how addictive and vast the game can be.

Many Jobs
Job Diversity

However, where you really start to realize how dangerously addictive Pixel People can be, is when you start building. You see, in the game it is not possible to just create clones and assign then jobs without before having built a place for them to work and live. So, in addition to your clone and job creation duties, you will also be tasked with building homes, factories, mansions and more.

Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4

Cash Not Required

Additionally, some clones you create will come with useful information. So a clone for example can have the plans to build a mine, which, once built, you can staff with more clones to extract more coins and increase your funds. And speaking (writing?) of funds. One of the most pleasantly surprising aspects of Pixel People, is that despite the game using two kinds of currencies (regular coins and the premium “Utopium”, used to speed up events and such), you can easily generate more of both without needing you to make any in-app purchase. This is a very welcome change from other entries in the genre.

Money Money

Another very welcome addition is that the game has a unique personality, which shows up at every turn in the form of smart quotes, clever job combinations and unique features, like the news flashes that show at the bottom of the screen. These not only keep you updated as on what your city needs, but can also be simply hilarious. Here’s an example:

“1 out of 3 residents agree that the news are getting stale. Perhaps 1 out of 3 residents should lead more interesting lives.”

Pixel People: Conclusions

All in all, Pixel People is an excellent choice for any fan of these kind of games. It is also the best game for anyone to start experiencing this genre on the iPhone, especially if you have been wondering what all the buzz surrounding sim games is all about. Definitely worth a try!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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