Vine for iPhone Review: A Different Way to Shoot Your Videos

Vine Review

When it comes to

capturing video

, there are more apps on the App Store than any of us would care to count. Even worse, most of them do the same with just a few tweaks on their interfaces here and there.

This is precisely why an app like Vine is such a welcome addition to the small ranks of video capturing apps that do things right. In short, Vine is an original and simple application for iPhone that makes shooting short videos as fun as it can be.

But surely you want to know a bit more about this new video shooting iOS app right?

Then let’s take a better look at it.

What is Vine Exactly?

Vine is the latest brainchild of the folks at Twitter (no newcomers to the social scene), which is perhaps why Vine can be so addictive.


The essence of Vine is to capture short videos around six seconds long and then to share them with your friends or with the world. The concept is extremely clever and I would say, translates perfectly the spirit of micro-blogging (of which Twitter is master) to the video scene.

Using Vine

The app’s capabilities are shown right the moment you start it. When you do, it welcomes you with one of the thousands of short videos shared by its users, giving you a feel for how it works in just a few seconds.

Vine Welcome

Shooting a video is easily where Vine shines the most and where it really shows how fun it can be. To do it, just tap and hold on the screen while a sort of timer slides from left to right indicating the amount of time you are shooting and the time you have left. Recording stops the moment you lift your finger and resumes when you tap and hold the screen again.

Video Example

It is as simple as that. No editing, no filtering or other options, making all your videos perfect examples of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

Once your clip is done, you are given the choice to share it via Twitter (obviously), Facebook and also to publish it to Vine’s timeline. Naturally, you can delete any of your videos anytime you want.

First Post On Vine

By keeping videos short, Vine also allows you to create and share a video in less than 30 seconds, which is why the app can be so addictive. Also, being so short, videos remain easy to upload both via Wi-Fi and cellular, which further motivates users to shoot and upload videos from just about anywhere.

Doing More By Doing Less

While it might sound contradictory, it is the app’s limitations that sets Vine apart from any other video app on the iPhone. With apps like these, developers are always tempted to add as many features as possible. Some users appreciate this, but this approach comes at a cost: You sacrifice simplicity and ease of use.

By limiting its options, Vine becomes as effective and simple as it is addictive, and being free, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be trying it right now.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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