Top 5 Free Puzzle Games for the iPhone

Top Puzzle Games

If there is one genre of games that has stood the test of time, it definitely is

puzzle games

. Starting with


on the legendary Game Boy, puzzle games have been synonymous of handhelds and portability. So it comes as no surprise that with the arrival of the iPhone, iPod touch and other similar portable devices, the genre has simply exploded, especially considering the touch capabilities of these Apple devices and other smartphones.

What is even better: These very same touch capabilities have made for really original and unique puzzle experiences, all of which can be downloaded and enjoyed right as you read this.

But with so many puzzle games on the iPhone to choose from, which ones should you download?

Well, what about starting with these top five picks of ours? They all offer great experiences and come free of charge.

Let’s take a look at them.

Bejeweled Blitz

Created by PopCap, this high-pressure, high-speed take on the classic Bejeweled gameplay formula fits perfectly on the iPhone and plays great with just one hand.

You have just one minute to match gems in lines of three or more, which should give you an idea of just how crazy this game’s pace is. The game also sports achievements and integrates with Game Center, allowing you to play with any other friend who has a copy.

Bejeweled Blitz 1
Bejeweled Blitz 2

Controls are simple and responsive and definitely help getting you into the fast pace of the game.

Drop 7

Developed by none other than the popular iOS mastermind Zynga, Drop 7 brings a hefty dose of thinking to this iPhone puzzle game. In it, you control colored orbs that drop onto the board with a number on them. This number is the number of other adjacent orbs that need to be next to the first one for it to vanish.

Drop 7 1
Drop 7 2

On paper the mechanics sound simple, yet when you consider you have to take care of the entire board before it fills up, things can get really challenging.


Of all the puzzle game on this list, Turnacle is perhaps the most original one. In it, you have to match the adjacent colors by rotating discs on a grid and trying to match them all (from all sides) for you to finish a level.

When you start with two or four discs the game is relatively easy, yet move onwards and you will soon find the screen brimming with multicolored discs where every single move can alter the whole grid.

Turnacle 1
Turnacle 2

Quite addictive this one. Have fun!

What’s The Word

What’s The Word is a little, funny puzzle game with a simple premise: Use four pictures to guess a word and use the letters provided to you to write that word. Simple as that. Naturally, as the game progresses words get longer and the pictures’ concepts become more ambiguous and thus, harder to guess right.

Still, it makes for a very interesting puzzle and definitely one of the best if you want to improve your vocabulary.

What The Word
What The Word 2
What The Word 3

Flow Free

This colorful puzzle, Flow, plays on a 5×5 grid with pairs of colored orbs. Your objective in the game is to match same-colored orbs drawing “bridges” across them. The gameplay remains simple as that, but as you progress through the game, drawing those bridges becomes increasingly tricky, making you think a lot more than you thought you would at the beginning.

Flow Free 1
Flow Free 2

And that’s it for today. Make sure you try all the five games shown here and let us know in the comments which one you liked best!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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