Top 5 Free Word Games for iPhone

Word Games

Word games are perhaps one of the best ways to kill some time while also

enhancing your vocabulary

. However, it tends to be quite hard to find the truly original ones when so many thousands of them are available on the App Store.

So why search for them when instead you can take a look at our picks and then go and download them?

Here’s a quick look at the best five free word games for your iPhone.


Letterpress 1
Letterpress 2

We’ve already written about Letterpress showing you all the game has to offer. If you want just the skinny though, here it is: Letterpress is a word game that draws inspiration from the genre’s main elements but adds a very unique (and quite addictive) online competitive element, making it easily one of the best iOS word games out there.

Create words and fight against your online opponent for each others’ letters. The one who gets them all wins the match!


Ruzzle 1
Ruzzle 2

The mechanics behind Ruzzle is simple: You and your online opponent (including your Facebook and Twitter friends) have to find as many words as you can from the letters provided in less than two minutes. You can connect letters sliding your finger across them to form words in any direction. At the end of three rounds of two minutes each, the player with the most points wins.

There is a lot more to it of course, like additional points for repeat letters or for repeat words for example. But in essence, the joy of the game is the rush of beating your opponent in the two minutes that each round lasts.


Moxie 1
Moxie 2

Using three lines of five boxes each, you have to place letters you are presented with (one at a time only) in order to create words. That is the premise of Moxie, a beautifully presented word game that is also excellent for anyone starting with this genre. You can also swap letters and pass the ones you can’t use, which provides the game with endless possibilities.

Additionally, you can also change the game’s theme, also additional colors come at a cost.

WordJong Lite

Word Jong 1

Mixing the elements of word games and Mahjong, the aptly named WordJong Lite is a word game you can play solo. In order to win, you need to create the best possible words using the top layer of tiles available. What makes the game so addictive (and also a bit frustrating) is the existence of daily challenges and which score you have to beat. Problem is though, there is only one of these per day, which might leave you wanting for more.

Word Jong 2
Word Jong 3

WordJong also has some great sound effects, and playing the game with headphones will relax you even when riding the subway.

Word Bird

Word Bird 1
Word Bird 2

While a bit on the childish side presentation-wise, Word Bird turned out to be quite a charming word game. In it, your goal is to get as many coins as possible using all your available turns. You have to create words using adjacent letters (each of which has a certain coin value) in order to get more coins and earn more turns. You can also unlock some additional features by purchasing its premium version.

Overall, a very simple word game to keep you busy in short spans of time.

So there you go. Start downloading and have fun!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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