How to Get Equalizer in Spotify for Windows, Android and iOS

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Spotify is gaining popularity

at a very fast pace and I would not be surprised to know if it has completely replaced the default

music player

on your desktop and


. But one thing that I am sure you might be missing on Spotify is a sound equalizer.

Sound equalizer is one of the very basic features of a music player but still after tons of updates, it continues to remain absent on Spotify. However as Steve Jobs once told, “There’s an app for that”, so today I am going to show you how can get sound equalizer for Spotify across all your devices using third-party software/apps.

First let’s have a look at how we can get the equalizer for Spotify on Windows.

Spotify Equalizer for Windows

Getting the equalizer for Spotify on Windows is simple enough. All you need to do is to download and run the installer of Equalify and install the package. The installer can be run without the admin access but then you will have to provide the path to Spotify Windows user profile manually. Running the installer as administrator will take care of that on its own.

After the application is installed, restart Spotify. You will not notice any change until you play the first song after installing the package. Once you have done that, you will see a small EQ button next to the search box.

Eq Button

Click on the button to expand the equalizer. You can now edit the bands manually or choose from one of the many presets available. The option to save a manual setting is also available.


Note: If your sound card configuration supports sound enhancements, you can use it to modify any sound that’s coming out of your speakers or headphone. This can help you not only with the Windows Spotify application, but also the web based player that Spotify has started rolling out.

After configuring it on Windows, let’s now have a look at how we can get the similar feature on Spotify app for Android and iOS.

Spotify Equalizer for Android and iOS

When I was doing my research work for this article, I came across many online posts which claimed that Spotify introduced the equalizer feature in one of its latest app update on Android. But when I tried it on my own, I didn’t find the feature. Further when I read the comments, it seemed that I was not alone whose app was missing it. But now I know a way we can get it working and that’s by installing the Equalizer app.

There are many equalizer apps available for Android that can modify the sound, but the best thing about this eponymous app is that it integrates seamlessly with the Spotify app. After you have installed Equalizer, navigate to Spotify settings and select the option Sound settings. Once you select the option, the equalizer app will open up and you will be able to change the sound settings. The app comes in both free and pro versions, and the only limitation of the free version is that you cannot save the manual settings you do on the equalizer.

Equalizer 1
Equalizer 2

Surprisingly the iOS version of Spotify has a built-in equalizer but there’s no button or option using which you can access it. To open the equalizer you will have to draw a weird gesture while the song is playing and it’s very hard to explain that in words. This video should do a better job of it.

Don’t worry if you don’t get the equalizer in the first few attempts, I too failed quite a few times before I got it working. This built-in equalizer is very basic and lacks presets and the ability to create one manually.


So that was how you can get the equalizer for Spotify on Windows, and on iOS and Android. Though it’d have been better if it was available natively, this tool worked quite well in my tests. Try it out and enhance your music listening experience on Spotify.

Top Image Credits: fcstpauligab

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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