Play Tetris And Other Classic, Hidden Games on Your Mac

Tetris Article

A few years ago when I was at an Apple Store, I saw a guy from the Genius Bar playing 16-bit retro-styled version of Tetris on a MacBook. I really liked the

vintage look

of the game so I asked him where did he bought it from. To my surprise, he mysteriously replied:

“Oh this one? This one is free, but it’s hidden.”

At first I thought he just didn’t want to tell me where he really got it from so I just left the store and forgot about it. It wasn’t until a few years later that I found out that not only Tetris, but some other timeless classics as well are really all available on your Mac completely free of charge. All you have to do is a little digging and to play a little bit with the Terminal app.

Here’s how you can start playing Tetris, Pong, Snakes and other timeless classics on your Mac right now.

Important Note: While you can easily perform these steps even if it is your first time opening Terminal, always be careful not to type any other command which outcome you are not sure about. Terminal is very powerful and you can easily mess up your Mac if you are careless when using it. So, at your own risk!

Steps to Discover Hidden Games on Your Mac

Step 1: On your Mac, open Terminal by using either Spotlight or by going to the Utilities folder located within the Applications folder.

Terminal Spotlight
Terminal Feature

Step 2: Use the Terminal app to open Emacs. Emacs is a special text editor hidden within your Mac. To open it from Terminal, in the Terminal window type the following command (or if you want, just copy it from below and paste it) and then press the Return key.


Emacs Open

Step 3: After opening Emacs, you will see the following screen full of text and commands.

Open Emacs

Press the Escape key and you should see the screen below. On that screen press the X key and you will see that the text at the bottom left of the screen will turn from ESC to M-x.


Now type the word Tetris (no caps) next to that line of text, press Return and the game will open!

Tetris Opening
Tetris Open

Step 4: To play Tetris, simply use the Left and Right arrow keys to move the falling pieces to the sides. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to rotate the pieces and use the Space bar to make them fall down fast. If at any point you would like to pause your game, press the letter P on your keyboard.

Tetris Playing

To quit the game, press Q.

Playing Other Classics

To play other classic games, just follow the steps above and type other names like Pong or Snake (remember, no caps) and the games will start right away.

Pong Open
Pong Playing
Snakes Open

If you just want to quit a current game and start another one, press Q as mentioned above, then press the Escape key and then the X key once more before you enter the game’s name and hit Return.

Happy gaming and happy reminiscing!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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