How To Test Windows 7 Online Before Installing It

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP and planning to purchase Windows 7, then there is a cool website to test drive Windows 7 professional that you could test the interface of the new OS before buying it.

It gives you chance to try most of its important features like Networks, Libraries, Aero desktop, Taskbar, Power management etc. You can also test other features like Windows XP Mode, Remote Desktop, Location aware Printing, Presentation settings etc.

It requires JavaScript, Internet Explorer and ActiveX control. When you open the website, it automatically detects all the settings and prompts you to install all the required updates.

Open the Windows 7 Professional Test Drive website. If you want to test its basic features such as Taskbar, Network or Aero Desktop then click on “Get more done” tab.

Windows7Testdrive 1

The tab will expand to show you all the basic features. Click on any feature you want to test. Here I clicked on “Taskbar” to test all the features of it.


After a few seconds, it will pop up a small window of “NTLM Authentication”. Check the box next to “Don’t ask me again” and click on “Yes” button.


You will get a screen as shown in the screenshot below. Check the box next to “Don’t show this screen again” and click on “Close Window” button.


You will get a Windows 7 screen. Make a single click on the screen to activate the control. Here you can do all those things which you can do in a normal Windows 7 computer. You can create a new file, open documents, hover your mouse over document icons on taskbar to preview thumbnail, search for any files etc.

Win7 2

You can drag any icons left or right to change its position. You can also follow all the instructions given on the right sidebar (shown in the screenshot below). Watch tutorial videos(click on the video icon) of what are the things you can do to know about the features of the operating system.


One feature I would want to see in this amazing website is activation of Windows shortcut keys. We can’t use any shortcut keys in this simulation. Though you can send the main command of “Alt+ctrl+del” through the “Action” menu given at the top of sidebar.

Try it out and let us know how it worked for you.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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