Top 5 Simulation Games for Android (Free and Paid)

Continuing my series of posts on Android gaming in which I have already written about the top 5 games when it comes to racing and puzzles, today I will be taking up the best simulation games that you can play on your Android. But before we do that, for everyone who don’t have a clear understanding about simulation games, let’s have first a look at what kind of games the category really covers.

Simulation Games.. What Are They?

Let me ask you one question for clear understanding. After you play most of the racing games on any of the platform, how much of it do you think you could pull off if you were to actually driving a car in real life? As long as you are not an F1 driver, your engines will be gone before you know it.


The one word to note in the previous paragraph is real life. Simulation game is the category which tries to imitate the real life scenarios. For any other game, every level is same for everyone. However, in simulation games how the game will proceed will totally depend on your action in the course of the game and that’s the fun. If you want to read more about simulation games, you can have a look at this page on Wikipedia.

Here we begin with the list. Both paid and free options available.

Paid Games

Trainz Simulator

Trainz Simulator, as the name suggests, is a simulation game based on trains and tracks. The objective of the game is to not only build a railroad empire but to insure its optimal operation. The game offers one of the best visual effects for a simulation game and the amount of details is just impressive. The game demands a lot of processing power though, and you need to have at least a dual core device with a gig of RAM to spare.


The best thing I liked about the game is that when I started playing it, I hardly knew anything about rail line construction and how trains operate. But after playing Trainz for a while, I now actually feel confident about my knowledge of trains. The gameplay is smooth on all the supported devices and is as good as a PC version. The game’s priced at $5.23.

Football Manager Handheld

I don’t know much about Football. But from my last couple of months stay in the UK, I can say that people here just don’t play and enjoy football, they almost worship it (cricket fans in India would relate to this). If you are a fan, Football manager is your chance to live the world you don’t see in the 90 minutes of the gameplay. This game is not about field skills, but about the judgment that’s made by the team managers off the ground.

Football Manager

In the game, you are a Football team manager and your role is to look after anything and everything that’s related to your team. You have to take care of your team’s training, tactics, health and every other element that will make it the champion. The one thing you might want to know is that even though the game is paid already, it comes with some in-app game purchases on top of it. But they are optional and if you choose not to buy them it will not affect your course of gameplay in any way. This one is costlier than the previous one, at $9.99 apiece.

Free Games

Now let’s have a look at some of the amazing free simulation games.

Sims Free Play

Sims is one of the most popular life simulation games when it comes to computer and Sims Free Play extends the fun to the Android platform. It’s about buying houses and making it your home by making a family and building relationships with people around you. Unlike the computer version which was available for offline playing, you require an internet connection on Android for this one.

Sims Free Play

You can completely customize your SIM from head to toe and groove out their lifestyle and that’s what the game is all about. The better the lifestyle and the happier the family are, the more points you gain to proceed in the game. One thing that might be of a concern is the size of the game. Sims Free Play downloads an additional data of around 300MB and after installation it expands up to as much as 1.3 GB. But as the additional data is downloaded on the external SD card, you always have the option for expansion.

Fashion Icon

Now here’s something exclusively for girls: a game about fashion. The idea of the game Fashion Icon (UPDATE: This app is not available anymore) is as most of you might have guessed it by the name, is to become the ultimate fashion icon of the industry. In the game, you are a girl who has just entered the fashion world and you have to make your way to the top by taking up jobs, earning money and creating stylish fashionable clothes that could help you reach the ultimate stardom.

Fashion Icon

You move a level up when you beat the other girls in the game. You will also have to date guys who are in a strong position in order to gain their support and climb up…if you’ve watched enough movies on this subject or read about it, you’d know the drill. 🙂

Paradise Island

It was the very first simulation game I played on Android about two years ago. The concept of Paradise Island is very simple. You are given an island to control and it’s up to you how to design it and make it the paradise for the tourists who come there. You have to create buildings to design a perfect holiday destination. The game is very realistic and one day in the game feels like a day in real life.

Paradise Island

The game  is completely free and there are no ads or in-app purchases. And you can play it offline.

So try out these games and tell us which one of them will likely become your favorite simulation game.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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