Top 5 Puzzle Games for Android (Free and Paid)

Rubic Puzzle

There are a lot of good things about a good puzzle. Apart from keeping you engaged and entertained, it also works on your brain and pushes it to perform better. So, while playing a puzzle game on say a phone or a tablet is hardly healthy physically, it does make you more fit mentally. Makes you more focused too which we all need direly in this age of incessant distractions.

We will be taking up five cool puzzle games for Android today. As the title indicated, the collection includes both free and paid options. Hopefully these will tickle some of those non-performing parts of your brain out of their slumber.

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World of Goo

World of Goo is a paid puzzle game based on the concept of physics and architectural construction. The idea behind the game is to create strong structures using the goo balls and then collect them at the destination point with the maximum number of goo balls to spare. The game was launched for Windows and other platforms initially where it received outstanding reviews before it was made available for Android.

World Of Goo

Just like any other puzzle game, World of Goo starts with easy levels but the tasks and structural designs begin to complicate after every level. Even being in 2D, the graphics of the game are awesome. The game is recommended only for large screen devices (4 inches or above) though.

If you have an Android tablet, you are in here for a treat. The app comes at a small price but you can download the demo version for free and try it out before buying  it. The only thing that might annoy some of the players is the irritating sound of the goo balls.

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is another addictive game from Rovio, the makers of one of the most famous games known to mankind – Angry Birds. While Angry Birds was just dedicated to projectile, Bad Piggies is dedicated to construction, speed, momentum, inertia and other such concepts of physics.

You can think of the game as the sequel to Angry Birds where you play as pigs and take revenge on the birds. You will have to make the perfect kart for the puzzle which can roll, crawl, fly, spin and crash to safely reach the eggs. And all this because, a pig can’t just fly like a bird. Tablet users can download the HD version.

Slice It!

What do you feel about geometry? Do you think it’s boring? Well if you do, it’s time you have a look at Slice It! for Android. This puzzle game is based upon geometry and you will have to split a given shape into as many slices as required in the level. Symmetry is the basic concept of the game.

Slice It 2
Slice It

The initial levels might look like a cakewalk, but as you proceed in the game you might come across levels which you just want to skip. At the end of the day, don’t be surprise to see a growing interest in geometry.

Burn the Rope

The concept of Burn the Rope is very simple. You need to burn as much as rope as you can to complete the level. The only catch is that the flames follow the laws of physics. Just like in real life, the flame in the game only proceeds when the it’s burning upwards. The game uses your phone’s sensor to keep the flame going.

Burn The Rope 1
Burn The Rope

Burning different color bugs in the game gives a different color to the flame and as the flames are color locked, they are used to ignite the colored ropes in the level. As you have to frequently turn and tilt your device, tablet users might not experience the smoothness.


The most simple, yet challenging game you might ever come across is Mouse for Android. The concept of the game is very simple. You need to make way for a mouse to reach it’s hole by sliding various blocks in the limited space that’s provided.

Mouse 2

The game  has as many as many as 4000 different levels for you to complete. There might be many levels you might get stuck on, but remember that patience is the best virtue (especially when it comes to puzzle games).


So these were the top 5 free and paid puzzle games for Android. World of Goo and Mouse are the two games I recommend you start playing first. Also don’t forget to share your favorites if they weren’t in the list above. Just remember that you shouldn’t give up easily on any level. These are “puzzle” games after all.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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