5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone

Top 5 Battery Apps

There are a lot of apps in the App Store to view and manage your iPhone’s battery life, and only a bunch of them are truly useful and different from the rest. What is not easy though, is to find the best of them that are also free, which is exactly what this post is about.

Let’s take a quick look at these five best free battery app offerings.

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1. Battery Doctor

We’ve already written thoroughly about Battery Doctor. This free battery management iPhone application is easily the one that offers the most thorough information set and the best array of tools for the iPhone user who really wants to know everything that goes on with their iOS device’s battery.

Battery Dr Main1

The app’s five different menus provide highly detailed information about the iPhone’s battery inner workings, with both the Status and the Rank menus being the most useful parts of it. The first of these menus provides the time that each of the iPhone’s main processes or apps will take to deplete the battery if they were in use, but at the same time provides instructions as to how to suspend any of these processes.

Battery Dr Status 11
Battery Dr Status 21

The Rank menu also brings something novel to the table, allowing you to see how much of your iPhone’s battery each of the running processes is taking, although it doesn’t include either the screen’s power drainage or the operating system’s.

Battery Dr Power Usage 11
Battery Dr Power Usage 21

2. Battery Life Pro

Battery Life Pro might not be the prettiest or even the most intuitive battery management app out there, but what it lacks in usability it delivers in variety of functions and customization.

Battery Life Pro

From the start, this small, yet powerful app displays the current battery level in the form of a power gauge with some interesting options to its left and right. Sliding the “gauge” to the right allows you to change the app’s color scheme. Slide it to the left though, and the app’s most interesting option shows up: It allows you to select from among six main services (Bluetooth, Mail Push, Wi-Fi, Push, 3G and EQ) and to see how much of your iPhone’s battery you would additionally spend if you enable them.

Battery Life Pro 2
Battery Life Pro 3

3. Battery

Not every battery manager for the iPhone has to be cluttered or full of information of course. Many people would like to just have the most important info about their iPhones’ batteries fast, in just one screen and in an easy to read manner. This is exactly what Battery for iPhone accomplishes with a very clean and minimal interface that shows the user the current battery charge of the iPhone and the time it will take for any of the eight most important apps and processes to drain it.


Simple, useful information at a glance and for free.

4. Battery Manager

Battery Manager for the iPhone is by almost all means, a very simple and common battery app except for one nifty feature: It allows you to select any of the processes listed and to use a slider to choose the amount of time that you will use that app or process.

Battery Manager 1
Battery Manager 2

While you select your usage time, it will dynamically adjust the amount of time that your iPhone will last on battery for the remaining processes. It is a very intuitive option that really allows you to micromanage how you plan to use your iPhone for maximum battery efficiency, which makes it even more surprising that no other app I have tried has come up with something similar to it.

Battery Manager 3
Battery Manager 4

As for the rest of the app, it behaves as expected, showing you the time it will take your iPhone to turn off if one particular process is used.

5. System Status Lite

While this app offers a more general approach that encompasses the whole iPhone system, it also shows the current battery charge. Some might not find it really special, I found it very convenient to have all this “added information” while at the same time glimpsing my battery status.

System Status 1

And there you go. All these five great apps are free as we already mentioned, so download them and take a look to see which one suits you best.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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